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Rich and earthy tones will leave you breathless! Autumn weddings are perfect for earthy tone photographs. Earthy tones have a rich texture and are vibrant, timeless, and purely natural.  Natural sharpness and organic texture give them a fresh look. They are comforting, reassuring, and visually appealing. Rich and earthy tones are, at their core, colors found in nature. Wedding photos taken by our photographers have warm natural colors, rich browns and high contrast . Each detail is captured perfectly! Take a glimpse at Mariela and Andrew’s elegant wedding photos at  Freehold Township Independent Fire Co No 1 in Freehold, NJ

Like trees, rocks, desert and soil, earth tones like brown, green and grey are soft and lack contrast. This comforting color scheme provides an inviting atmosphere. Photographs with an earthy tone have a very simple photography style. Photos with a natural and simplistic aesthetic create a sense of warmth and wellbeing. Taking rich and earthy toned photos that suit your taste is our photographers‘ specialty. Take a look at Mariela and Andrew’s incredible wedding photos where he kisses her forehead. How romantic! These rich and earth tones are a perfect idea if you have a natural scenery for your wedding photos.  

It’s All About Tonal Balance!

The rich and earthy tones set the mood and serve as a great example of tonal balance. Warm tones are accentuated by earthy tones. This type of tone is best suited to spring, summer, and autumn weddings. Mariela and Andrew’s stunning wedding photos at Freehold Township Independent Fire Co No 1 in Freehold, NJ are just one example. In their wedding photos with the natural scenery, the neutral earth tones of the background, their skin tones, and their apparel come to life. Darker colors like brown and green emphasize the warm details while whites and bright hues are muted.

A sense of balance and character is added with rich and earthy tones. The rich and earthy tones add a sophisticated touch while creating a comfortable atmosphere. In our increasingly indoor lifestyles, many of us feel a need for a more meaningful connection to nature. Whether in or outdoors, our photographers know how to create the right mood! Check out Mariela and Andrew’s beautiful wedding photos taken at Freehold Township Independent Fire Co No 1 in Freehold, NJ. The green nature scenery appears dull but the couple doesn’t. 

Life is a Sea of Vibrant Color, Jump in! 

The wedding photos that our photographers take capture the viewer’s attention and peak their interest. Rich and earthy tones evoke positive emotional responses. Take a look at Lisa and Jeremy’s beautiful engagement photos in South Jersey. Their engagement photos are truly breathtaking. The photos of their engagement make you want to join in their happiness! Rich and earthy tones highlight Lisa’s stunning orange dress, which stands out beautifully against the rich and earthy tones.

Regardless of the type of photos you are looking for, our photographers can capture details and create rich and earthy toned photos. Here are some exquisite wedding photos of Maria and Bobby. Nature is in full bloom here, and his suit is more earthy than black. An earthy tone invokes the beauty of nature. 

The rich and earthy tones provide a nice complement to neutrals. Take a look at these lovely wedding photos of Samantha and Tyler. Their wedding photos evoke an inviting mood with their green surroundings. The suit features earth tone green and grey colors. Another great example of this earthy tone can be seen in the picture of Maria and Bobby kissing while holding flowers. The bright oranges and pinks are striking against the natural scenery. 

There’s Beauty Within Rich and Earthy Tones

In your wedding photos, rich and earthy tones will give your photos a vintage, or old-fashioned appearance. You can see this in Samantha’s wedding photo where she is holding flowers. It’s hard to miss the colorful leaves of the tree behind her. The natural scenery gives off a feeling of autumn.

You can never go wrong with neutrals! Due to their colors, rich and earth tones are often perceived as aesthetically pleasing. Our photographers create sophisticated yet fresh images using hues that are inspired by the natural world. Take a look at Lauren and Jake’s beautiful wedding photos. Jake’s gray suit has a green tint, which makes it blend in with the surroundings. The rich and earthy tones in their photos are enchanting!


Rich and Earthy Wedding Photos

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