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Smithville Inn Galloway New Jersey Wedding Photos

About Smithville Inn

Located in Galloway, NJ, the Smithville Inn has become a one-of-a-kind special event venue known for its rustic charm and warm hospitality. In 1787, James Baremore built not only the large event space, but added dining facilities and shopping outlets to the scene. A few centuries later, the Coppola family took over the property. The historic landmark is like its own mini town of its own with all that it has to offer its visitors. Its strategic location is about 25 minutes from Atlantic City, which makes it the perfect trip for both locals and travelers! Once you walk in, you are greeted by friendly and accommodating staff eager to assist you and make your experience memorable right from the start. Further, all Smithville Inn Weddings are nothing short of extraordinary here!

Notably, Smithville holds over 80 private weddings each year, and also offers various eateries and restaurants open to the public! Whether you are casually dining in or celebrating a special occasion, the Smithville Inn is the place to be. With the gorgeous ocean views and welcoming fireplace, it is no wonder that this little village is adored by all! Upon your arrival, the architecture portrays a Colonial American feel that truly makes you feel at home. Additionally, the Inn is surrounded by nature’s walls with an incredible waterfront view of Lake Meone. Decorated with gorgeous beams and luxurious chandeliers, the venue comfortably holds about 170 guests inside. Meanwhile, the wide-open outdoor area is perfect for any intimate ceremony in front of the stone hearth. This area also features an entertaining light show to enjoy during the holiday season! 

Dining Deals & More

Now, let’s talk food! The Smithville Inn draws hungry guests in with fixed menus for the holidays and different buffet styles. There are even amazing specials open to all throughout the week! On Monday nights, the venue offers a BOGO dinner special that you do not want to miss out on. In addition, their “Throwback Thursday” specials include meatloaf, turkey, or pot pie for only $20.00.  Equally as popular, their Lobster Friday night special features a one and a half pound lobster dinner with sides for only $25.00. Of course, make sure to save room for cocktail hour drinks and their variety of assorted desserts! Despite all of these fabulous dining deals, the overall experience that you will get at Smithville from the food to the atmosphere is priceless. In general, the good eats at Smithville make for the perfect weekday pick-me-up or fun-filled weekend getaway!

Falling for Fall Weddings

At Enchanted Celebrations, we are honored to work so closely with such a prestigious and admired venue. Each one of our couples that celebrated their wedding there had an unforgettable experience! For example, Kristen and Matt tied the knot on a crisp November afternoon! The spectacular couple shared a passionate kiss right outside the venue. Their picturesque outdoor ceremony was surrounded by the rich woods and was beautifully decorated with an assortment of flowers. We absolutely loved working with Kristen and Matt on their fairy tale day. Above all, the astounding Smithville Inn made this wedding even more extraordinary!

Another fall wedding that is totally worth falling in love with was for Chrissy and Drew! Peach and white colored roses filled Smithville’s beautiful reception Inn. We could tell that Chrissy and Drew were focused on the details here and added cute signs and saying boards for decoration. For example,“Sweet ending to a new beginning” was written on a chalkboard sign beside their rustic cupcake display. Guests were in for a treat with all the delicious foods and dancing that the night at Smithville had to offer. Be sure to keep scrolling and find more fall Smithville Inn Weddings from us!

Snow in Love with Winter Weddings

As fall weddings are always popular at Smithville, a winter wedding makes the holidays even more magical for couples! Specifically, we are thinking back to Mackenzie and Jarrod’s fun Christmas themed wedding in December of 2018. The streets and shops at Smithville were already decked out with holly, lights, trees, and red ribbon galore, which created the perfect holiday-inspired backdrop! The indoor reception featured even more festive decorations already put into place. All guests in attendance enjoyed the holiday cheer that was in the air all night long in celebrating the marriage of the lovely Mackenzie and Jarrod!

Another December wedding that was truly one for the books was for Kelly and Chris! Their portrait session was nothing short of marvelous, featuring the famous Smithville Inn sign with brown and copper stone, the adorable merry-go-round, romantic white gazebos, and other picture-perfect landmarks around each unique shop! Again, Christmas lights created the holiday ambiance that this Christmastime wedding needed! Their traditional ceremony and beautifully decorated ballroom celebration made this wedding altogether a winter dream. Aren’t you snow in love with these couples’ weddings? (We are, too). There’s plenty more winter Smithville Inn Weddings at the bottom of this page!

Hello Spring and Summer Weddings

We all love a beautiful fall and winter wedding, but warm sunny days fill the Smithville Inn and its surrounding environment with abundant sunshine! Spring was in the air for newlyweds Arielle and Henry! Their fairy tale theme wedding featured everything from a “Once Upon a Time” sign to floral headbands galore! Moreover, Arielle’s bridesmaids were dressed in a stunning orchid colored dressed, which were just right for springtime! The couple could not have chose a more perfect venue to add to this chapter of their fairy tale. What happens next? Of course, they all lived happily ever after!

Last but certainly not least, an altogether worthy mention is the wonderful wedding of Ashley and Scott! These two decided on a forever love on a glowing September day. All eyes were on Ashley and Scott during their memorable first dance as husband and wife! Soon after, their loved ones could not help but join in on the fun to show off their best dance moves. Their royal purple decorations throughout the ballroom added sophistication and beauty to the already charming venue! Thanks to the Smithville Inn, Ashley and Scott celebrated their love in style, and we were so happy to be a part of it as well! Spring into spring and summer mode and read more of our weddings from the sunny seasons!

Want to See More?

Yes, you do! Overall, our NJ Wedding Photographers could not have captured any of these couple’s dream weddings without the Smithville Inn and its amazing staff. We cannot wait to return for many more sensational occasions already planned for the future. Take a look below at more Smithville Inn Weddings captured by us! 



Smithville Inn Wedding Photos and Videos

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