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Do rolling hills, beautiful lakes, and picturesque farms sound like perfect backdrops for your wedding photos? If so, you may want to consider having your wedding in Sparta, NJ! This North Jersey region is ripe with gorgeous venues for your wedding (and our top wedding photographers in North Jersey know all the best photo-ops!)! From classy country clubs like Skyview Golf Club to rustic wonderlands like Perona Farms, this thriving community offers only the best backdrops for your Sparta wedding photography. Check out some of our favorite Sparta wedding stories below!

From the Sky to the Lake

Before we get into some of our stellar Sparta wedding photography, check out Caitlin and Ryan’s wedding videography at Skyview Golf Club! The name of this classic country club venue clearly comes from the breathtaking views it boasts. As Caitlin and Ryan exchanged their vows, our top wedding photographers in North Jersey made sure to capture the stunning mountainside rolling delicately in the distance. How could they not say “I do” to such a magnificent view?! However, this is only the peak to the mountain of exquisite environments that Sparta NJ includes!

Let’s head over to Lake Mohawk Country Club for some more Sparta wedding photography! Lauren and Richard tied the knot in a fabulous fall wedding. Peep their  portraits on the elegant iron wrought bridge! We love how the fall foliage frames Lauren and Richard as they steal a kiss. Fortunately, our photographers snapped their pics at just the right time (notice how the sun reflects so perfectly on the brook below!).These lovebirds really demonstrate the dazzling beauty of the Sparta area.

Get Married in the Mountains

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Next, let’s check our Victoria and Anthony’s winter wedding at Crystal Springs Resort! Once again, the mountainous scenery of Sparta is in full effect! We love the group shots of Victoria and her beautiful in blue bridesmaids in addition to Anthony and his classically handsome groomsmen. The breathtaking backdrop compliments their elegant outfits just perfectly. However, if you really want your breath taken away, peep their reception photos! We are just going to leave that one picture of Victory shooting dry ice out of a hand cannon right next to a glowing man on stilts . . . don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself!

For some more Sparta wedding photography, let’s head to The Mansion at Mountain Lakes! We especially love Danielle and Dylan’s summer wedding portraits. Our photographers took some stellar captures of these cuties inside the venue (that has so many windows by the way!). They took a creative shot of Danielle and Dylan’s reflection in the mirror. Danielle looked stunning in her vintage white dress while Dylan looked dapper in his military uniform (who doesn’t love a man in uniform right?).  Make sure you check out their lovely captures on the couch too! So gorgeous! If you’re like us and can’t get enough of this couple, you can watch their wedding videos here.

Weddings in a Rustic Wonderland

One of our absolute favorite places to take Sparta wedding photography is Perona Farms! With that said, you need to take a look at Samantha and Robert’s rustic wedding photos. First of all, that wide shot of them posing on the stone bridge with the fountain perfectly framing them in the background is wedding photo goals! Robert even took the opportunity to dip her in romantic fashion (don’t worry, not in the water!).

We also can’t help falling in love with their reception pics! Perona Farms has the perfect reception space for a rustic wonderland: a wooden barn strung with twinkly string lights. With that said, Samantha and Robert shared their first dance in in true farm fashion. We recommend you check out their Perona Farms wedding videos to watch their first dance in all its romantic glory! Ultimately, this couple shared the most exquisite wedding together thanks to Sparta NJ’s idyllic countryside. 

Get Hitched Surrounded By History

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Moving along, let’s take a brief stop at Waterloo Village. This Sparta wedding venue is located on the Muscontetcong River, right in the heart of New Jersey’s Allamuchy Mountain State Park. If you’re looking for a charming 19th-century backdrop for your Sparta wedding photography, Waterloo Village is definitely meant for you! Peep Jamie and Kevin’s wedding videography to see the marriage magic for yourself. Our videographers captured the pair posing in front of the gorgeous fall foliage. Their wedding colors matched the landscape perfectly! We also love how romantic their reception space was: filled with candles, lanterns, and string lights. In other words, there is so much to love about the wedding venues Sparta, NJ has to offer!

Our final stop exploring Sparta wedding photography is at Rock Island Lake Club. You need to see this rustic lakefront gem to believe it! Check out Danielle and Robert’s summer wedding photos. We can’t get enough of their first look photos. Danielle looked dazzling in her dress as she tapped Robert’s shoulder on the dock. Robert couldn’t help but smile in his navy tuxedo. Thankfully, our photographers were there to capture his priceless reaction! He even twirled her around in true romantic fashion. Check out the entire moment for yourself in their wedding video!

Want to See More?

Is that even a question?! Check out our favorite Sparta Wedding Photography in the gallery below (specially made for you!). With such stunning scenery and lush landscapes, Sparta, NJ is clearly a perfect place to have your wedding. So contact us today to start planning your wedding! We can’t wait to celebrate your Sparta wedding with you. 

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Sparta Wedding Photography

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    Danielle and Robert’s Wedding at Rock Island Lake Club

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