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About The Manor

In 1956, the elegant Manor opened under the ownership of Harry Knowles. Now, passed down six generations, the Manor still keeps its traditions and perfection from the 50’s but with a modern addition. The Manor began with just three rooms and now has grown to have four reception rooms, two ceremony options, an Al La Carte restaurant, and a night club! In addition, The Manor has hosted over 10,000 weddings in its 63 years of business. This family owned company continues to create unforgettable weddings for its clients to fit each personal aesthetic and allow for gorgeous The Manor West Orange wedding photos

Recipe for Love

First, let’s talk about award-worthy eats! If you are looking for a wide variety of gourmet and authentic foods, The Manor has the perfect menu for you. The three main menus for weddings are the gourmet cocktail reception, gourmet dinner, and buffet-style dining. Each package you chose comes with sub packages to choose from, so you truly get a variety of all. Above all, The Manor’s cuisine is placed in the top 1% of restaurants in North America. Furthermore, the venue has an unmatched record of 30 AAA Four Diamond Awards and received the DiRoNA Award!

After dinner, the in-house bakery makes some of the most delicious desserts you will ever taste! There are two dessert options: plated dessert or a Viennese table. As there are many sweet plated dessert choices, the Viennese table includes cakes, crepes, ice cream, all the chocolate, and more!

Indoor or Outdoor… your pick!

Whether it is 75 and sunny or 50 and chilly, The Manor offers each couple the option to get married on-sight. During those warm months out of the year, The Garden is an ideal spot to tie the knot. On the other hand, the indoor Colonnade could be another option for the cooler weather.

First, The Garden is filled with a variety of blooming flowers as well as flower filled arched trellises to walk down the aisle under. As guests look around, they will see a unique and flourishing garden. (Of course, this makes for the most perfect photo opps ever!). There are a variety of gorgeous fountains around the garden, which add to the romantic aura as well as a lovely gazebo perfect for portrait shots. Second, The Colonnade is an elegant room with beautiful columns at the alter. Guests walk into the perfectly lit room and see the class and sophistication of The Manor. 

A Glimpse Inside…

There is not one, but four reception rooms to choose from! The Manor offers a selection of four reception rooms depending on the size of your wedding and personal style. The Imperial room fits about 200 guests and is filled with elegance and class. The room has detailed wooden walls with a beautiful chandelier above the dance floor. Attached to this room is the Starlight Gardens, perfect for cocktail hour! A giant window allows guests to look onto the gorgeous patio and weather permitting waterfall.

Next, The Virginian room also fits around 200 guests. This room has more warm tones and sophisticated art work around the walls. The Greenery is attached to this room, offering a lovely view of the colorful gardens and fountain outside! For smaller more intimidate weddings, The Garden room is nothing short of perfection. The room is wrapped around a beautiful porch for guests to sit and enjoy the weather and scenery. Interestingly, the ceiling of this room changes color so guests can truly personalize the room. The room comes with a lounge ideal for cocktail hour. The Regency room is currently under renovation, so we cannot wait to see the newly designed beautiful room!

Summer Time Fine

Ready to check out some real The Manor West Orange wedding photos captured by us during every season? We think you are!  Kristen and Alex said their vows in the beautiful garden and took their first look pictures surrounded by a pink flower paradise. Afterwards, they danced the night away in the Imperial room under the stunning chandelier!

Another share-worthy wedding was Caitlyn and Eddie’s! Caitlyn got her hair and makeup done in the elegant Versailles suite, Eddie kissed his bride at the beautiful garden, and the couple enjoyed their dream wedding in the Imperial. Their sunny summer wedding day graced them with stunning portraits on the runway of the aisle!

After seeing these fantastic summer weddings at The Manor, you will not be able to picture your wedding anywhere else! From the blooming flowers to the sunshine adding the perfect photo lighting, your summer wedding here is the place to be. 

Sophisticated Spring

Now, everyone knows the beginning of spring in New Jersey can have tricky weather. However, you can still have a perfect spring wedding, especially at The Manor! Michelle and Matthew got the best of both worlds here for their April wedding. They had incredible weather for pictures but still chose to have their ceremony inside at the lovely Colonnade. Michelle’s stunning dress hung on the romantic wine cellar as she got ready in the Versailles suite. The newlyweds enjoyed celebrating in the Regency room as they cut into their detailed cake made by The Manor Bakery. Above all, the couple had amazing portrait shots taken on the romantic bridge outside of the Imperial room!

Fancy Fall

September will always be a popular wedding month, so look no further than The Manor for your dream early fall wedding! Check out Nicole and Shaun’s September wedding for all of the fancy fall inspiration you could ever want. Nicole’s lovely white dress was photographed so beautifully on the red couch in the Rotunda sweet. The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding in the garden. The sun was shining and the flowers were still blooming from the summer. The newlyweds danced the night away under the sparkling chandelier of the Imperial room. Another lovely fall wedding was for Gabriela and Mars! After slipping into her gorgeous white dress, Gabriela made her way down the floral aisle of the Garden. The couple then took romantic portrait shots in the lobby in front of one of many elegant chandeliers. They enjoyed the rest of their enchanting wedding celebrating on the dance floor of the Imperial!

Wondrous Winter

Do not let the frightful winter weather outside scare you! At The Manor…it is delightful! Every inch of the Manor is decorated in holiday decor from the decorated Christmas tree in the lobby to festive wreathes hung on every door. On Alison and Thavut’s December wedding day, snow covered the greenery at the venue during their portrait session! Later, these two cuties ventured inside to pose for the camera inside all the artsy rooms and of course, the dazzling ballroom!

As you can see, The Manor looks just as beautiful in the heat of summer as it does in the cozy fall season of wintertime! Don’t miss reading more of these couple’s The Manor West Orange wedding photos as well as reading their full story below. But wait…we didn’t forget to mention this little detail! There’s no need for a last dance when you can have your guests head on upstairs to The Dome. At The Manor, The Dome is a rooftop lounge that has a DJ every Friday and Saturday night, a variety of yummy cocktails made by the fantastic bartenders, and a menu of delicious bar food made by the top chefs. As your guests continue to dance the night away, they can look up through the glass enclosed roof and see the stars! The guests can all venture outside to the deck and view the garden after hours. 

Want to See More?

You do not want to miss these stunning captures! Overall, our NJ Wedding Photographers and NJ Wedding Videographers could not have captured any of these couple’s weddings without The Manor and its amazing staff. We cannot wait to return for many more out-of-this-world occasions planned for the future. Take a look below at more The Manor West Orange wedding photos and videos captured by us! 

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The Manor Wedding Photos and Videos

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