Kristen and Alex’s Wedding Videography


A huge congratulations to Kristen and Alex on their extraordinary wedding! The couple became one this past July at the Manor in West Orange New Jersey. 

Our NJ Wedding Videographer captured every pearl and detail on Kristen’s wedding dress that morning. She had a smile a mile wide as she got her hair curled along her best bridesmaids in matching floral robes. The groom and his groomsmen had some fun of their own getting ready in their hotel room with some memorable laughs!

To get to the ceremony, they had to walk under a bridge of beautiful pink flowers and it was like a fairy-tail! All heads then turned as the bride walked down the aisle but the grooms smile said it all! He could barely contain his excitement as it was so sweet. Our NJ Wedding Photographer photographed the exchanging of vows. The stunning venue was decorated in gorgeous white and pink flowers which complimented the bridesmaids grey gowns. The excited couple ended the ceremony with a captivating kiss! 

At the reception, the white 3 tier wedding cake caught everyone’s eye because it was so stunning. Family and friends enjoyed taking pictures of their own in our Social Photo Booth and danced the night away!

Congratulations, again, to Kristen and Alex on their beautiful wedding!