With weather as unpredictable as it’s been in New Jersey, its hard to tell what the forecast will be on your big day. No matter what the prediction is, make sure you are ready for anything mother nature throws you with these easy tips!

1. If any rain from a drizzle to a downpour is predicted make sure you prepare your bridal party. They will be the ones helping with your train and creating the atmosphere for the whole occasion. Make sure every person has an extra-large umbrella or extra-long poncho to get from the limo to the ceremony space in ease. Before the bride leaves the limo, there should be a plan for carrying her train inside.

2. If your ceremony is outside see if the hall manager can move it inside. If not, order tents a few days before the wedding.

3. Embrace the rain! The rain might be thought of as a downfall to any wedding but actually it is considered good luck! Buying umbrellas and rain boots to match your wedding theme can turn a drab day into a beautiful one! Have your bridal party in rain boots and you and your fiancé can share your vows underneath an umbrella!

4. Capturing wedding pictures in the rain can be romantic, intimate, and interesting. The rain offers unique photo opportunities. Enchanted Celebrations photographers have experience creating unforgettable memories in unpredictable situations.