With Thanksgiving weekend coming up many couples have decided to get married on this long weekend! Thanksgiving weddings are filled with love and generosity. People are thankful for what they have and are ready for the holiday season. Thanksgiving weddings offer many unique photo opportunities that every bride and groom should take advance of.

1. Take a fun picture playing in the leaves. This whimsical picture can show how fun and in love you and your husband are.

2. Take a picture surrounded by rustic items. This time of year is filled with oranges, browns, yellows, and dark purples. Take a picture around mums and pumpkins to really capture all the seasons have to offer.

3. Take many pictures in fields and around trees. This is a great opportunity for capturing the beauty of
the leaves changing and the field growing with wheat. These pictures will really show the season of your wedding day.

Enchanted Celebrations photographers can take all your unique photo ideas and make them come to life!