There’s no doubt that you will want your beautiful centerpieces and enchanting cake tiers in rich colored photography, however sometimes black and white photography is the way to go. Enchanted Celebrations has plenty of Atlantic City wedding photographers ready to capture your special day!

Plain and simple black-and-white photography is definitely a great way to capture emotional moments from your wedding day. Black and white images allows the wedding party to shine through because there are fewer colors for the eye to process. This type of photography creates and lean and easy image to focus the scene.

Kisses and the first dance are perfect opportunities for black and white pictures because it helps bring the mood into focus. Sometimes in photography there is too much going on, but black and white photos will help cut out the visual clutter.

If one of the wedding party members has skin imperfections, black and white film can help. The red tints from skin imperfections will not be shown because black and white photography using the grey shades.

There are some parts of your wedding that you definitely want with colored film. Food, flowers, wedding favors, and centerpieces should be on color film. You will want to remember these items in color years down the road! Colored photography is perfect for a morning or evening ceremony. A simple flash can brighten the room, while no flash can bring out the romantic mood from the reception and ceremony facilities.

Check out our favorite black and white pictures from our Atlantic City wedding photographers!

black n white picture