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Here at Enchanted Celebrations we love color and glamorous decorations! We always recommend the brides to play up the colors of the season during which they are to be married. Doing this, changes the whole atmosphere and lets the photographer capture one-of- a-kind photos. Check out the month of your wedding to see what colors we suggest!

March & April: Spring months at their finest! This time of year is perfect to play up the pastels like lavender, yellow, lime green, red and pink.

May, June & July: Summer offers some of the most “eye-popping” colors, which can make any wedding stand out from another. Colors popular during this time are orange, fuchsia, green, pink, blue or yellow. Perfect to complement the summer season.

August, September, October & November: Autumn weddings are perfect for the bride looking for a rustic themed wedding. This is because the popular colors for this season are gold, chocolate, rust orange, burgundy and hunter green.

December, January and February: A winter wedding is one for the pure romantics. It is a season full of metallics and bold colors. Favorite colors of this time of year include, red and green, gold, silver and white, and ivory.

I’m sure this list will give you a jump-start to sparking some color themes for your special day. But, remember this is your wedding, there are no rules and that means you can make it as unique as you want! Make sure to check out our promotional packages, so we can help you plan the wedding of your dreams!