Belle Voir Manor

Are you ready to see our Belle Voir Manor wedding photos? First, check out Brittany and Chris’ fall wedding! Our photographers captured Brittany and her bridesmaids perfectly during bride prep. Brittany’s dressed stood out against the dark blue dresses her bridesmaids wore. Our photographers also go to capture the moment Brittany presented herself to her father! How sweet! They also captured some great shots of Brittany as she headed to her ceremony.

Our photographers also captured some shots of the couple on the dance floor! Brittany and Chris looked absolutely love struck as they floated across the dance floor. Our photographers were able to capture their sweet moment, while also making sure to capture the venue as well. The gold accessories mixed with the soft orange lighting made for a royal and elegant night. It’s clear that our Belle Voir Manor wedding photos capture the romance.

Next, check out Teja and Lucky’s summer wedding! Our photographers made sure to follow the couple outside to take some awesome pictures. One of our favorite pictures is of the couple walking up the road together. They were surrounded by trees and other greenery as they walked along the road. Teja’s ballgown was flowing in the breeze as she walked, making for a really cool shot! Then, the couple headed inside for their reception. The dance floor was alive as their friends and family danced, loving the colored lighting. It’s clear to see that our Belle Voir Manor wedding photos really capture the magic.

Teja and Lucky’s Wedding Videography at Belle Voir Manor

  Congratulations to Teja and Lucky on their amazing wedding at Belle Voir Manor. Check out the couple’s beautiful Belle Voir Manor wedding photos and video!  The gorgeous couple started their day getting ready for their walk down the aisle. Teja gave her bridesmaids a special first look at her dress, stunning all of them with her gorgeous look. Her bridesmaids wore lilac dresses to match Teja’s bouquet. Lucky dressed in a sleek black suite, and wore a special watch given…

Katie and Greg’s Wedding Videography at Belle Voir Manor

  Congratulations to Katie and Greg on their marriage! The lovely couple had their wedding at Belle Voir Manor in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. First, Greg and his groomsmen went for a light stroll. Our Belle Voir Manor Wedding Videographers were able to capture just how handsome they all looked! The men wore dark blue suits with an orange flower boutineer, and teal bow ties while Greg wore a cream colored bow tie. Meanwhile, Katie and her lovely bridesmaids gathered outside for…

NJ Wedding Videographer

Shannon and Rich’s Wedding Videography

Congratulations to Shannon and Rich on their recent marriage! This lovely couple tied the knot at Belle Voir Manor located in Bensalem, PA. The beautiful day on their side and the love they have for each other made their wedding day so spectacular! Our NJ Wedding Videographer was at their wedding to capture every precious moment from start to finish. The video starts out with scenery of the venue! The venue is gorgeous and the flowers and decorations were placed…