Cheers to Chelsea and Will! The happy couple celebrated their wedding on January 18th, 2020 at Celebrations, located in Bensalem. Memories of your special day are sure to last with the Celebrations Bensalem wedding photos.

Chelsea and Will had a beautiful winter wedding. These two struck gold, it was the perfect day for their wedding as it just so happened to snow. Of course, we had to capture some footage of Will getting a first look of Chelsea. She joined Will in the garden area, which looked like a winter wonderland as the ground and trees were lightly covered by snow. Will turned around and was so happy to see Chelsea, she looked so beautiful. They shared a kiss and headed inside to start the ceremony. Family and friends gathered around to see the happy couple finally tie the knot! As Chelsea was escorted down the aisle, Will happily waited for her to join him. They exchanged their vows and shared a kiss. Afterwards, everyone gathered around to get some great photos with the lovely couple.

Now, it was time to party! Bridesmaids and groomsmen happily entered the room, then came Chelsea and Will. Guests watched in awe as they slowly danced across the room, smiling ear to ear. Afterwards, family and friends all gathered around and expressed how perfect these two are for each other. They all wished Chelsea and Will the best of luck as they start this new journey together. Then, everyone joined the dance floor in celebration of their wedding and showed off their best dance moves.

Once again, congratulations to Chelsea and Will! Thank you, for letting us celebrate with you. We loved capturing your Celebrations Bensalem wedding photos and video. We wish you all the best!