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celebrations Bensalem wedding photos

About Celebrations

Located in Bensalem, PA, this magnificent wedding and special event venue is full of everything a couple could dream of. Not only does Celebrations bring you exquisite outdoor scenery, but a charming indoor space for your ceremony and reception as well. This special place has a two-story elegant ceremony room and also an outdoor covered pavilion. Above all, the room provides a luxurious and romantic atmosphere with stunning chandeliers and large windows. Their outdoor patio is perfect for couples who want to take the festivities outside. With over thirty years of experience, this venue knows just what to bring to the table for your special day! At Enchanted Celebrations, we are honored to work so closely with them and look forward to any visit.  Our portfolio full of Celebrations Bensalem Wedding Photos  and videos are here to give you the real wedding inspiration you were looking for! Throughout this post, we’ll also give you a little preview as to what a wedding can be like here. Who knows…yours could be next!

Amenities for days 

It’s all about the amenities! Ultimately, Celebrations is known for its elegant marble columns, decorative crystal chandeliers, and a classic landscape that is perfect for a grand wedding entrance. Its architecture and decor resemble sophistication and style. Up to 500 guests are able to attend an event, too! In addition, Celebrations offers full-service catering for weddings. With every couple, Celebrations assigns an event planner and provides a list of recommended vendors so you your event coordination will be handled all in one place. Furthermore, there are accommodations for you and your out-of-town guests who are looking for a place to spend the night. Guests can enjoy several stand-out features from the hotel, including a new fitness center, indoor pool and business services.

Get ready to EAT!

What’s a celebration without all the yummy food?! This amazing venue not only serves the best-of-the-best eats, but also offers custom menu packages for their clients. Our mouths are watering! As the luxurious ballrooms and outdoor views will totally impress your guests, leave it to an incredible in-house catering staff to help you plan your wedding day meal. Be sure to check out their website for their full offerings as well as additional enhancements to add on to your event. We’ll give you a little preview of what you can expect though!

First, let’s begin at cocktail hour! Your wedding day will get a taste of professional white glove service with a selection of various hot, cold buffet-style, or station hors d’oeuvres. (Find us by the calamari station!).  Next up, reception dinner choices include appetizers, salads, fresh cut meats, or surf-and-turf meals, to create your ideal wedding menu. Some delicious menu items are the Broiled Lobster Tail and Certified Black Angus filet mignon served with drawn butter and wrapped lemon wedges. Another hit is the Baked Breast of Chicken with shiitake mushrooms and wild rice. End the evening on a sweet note with decadent dessert choices like bananas foster or ice cream with fresh berries. Okay…we are starving over here (and ready to see more Celebrations Bensalem Wedding Photos!).

Celebrate at Celebrations

It’s your time to celebrate and shine in all of your Celebrations Bensalem Wedding Photos! If you’re hoping to be surrounded by elegance on your wedding day, this is the venue for you! From the second you enter the venue, you’ll feel like family. Ultimately, every detail will be executed with excellency. The outdoor pavilion is all decked out with beautiful gardens, a fountain, and the perfect touch of lighting (for awesome Celebrations Bensalem Wedding Photos!). Our clients, Liza and Luis, Chayna and Rashaan, and Jacqueline and Bryon all bring something unique to our Celebrations Bensalem Wedding Photos and videos portfolio. As each couple had a beautiful collection of photos and a video, their memories at Celebrations will be cherished forever!

The One When Celebrations Meets Enchanted Celebrations

Sounds like the dream team! First, check out Liza and Luis’ wedding photos captured at this lovely venue from morning preparation to reception. After tying the knot, everyone was ready to party and celebrate these newlyweds. The couple danced the night away in the ballroom, accented with purple decorations. Later on, they had to take advantage of the glowing fountain outside for a nighttime portrait sesh! See for yourself how their day unfolded in their wedding videography as well.

As Liza and Luis’ wedding was stellar, take Chayna and Rashaan’s wedding videography for another beautiful example to show for! Their video showcased this fun-loving couple’s personality so perfectly. For example during the ceremony, Chayna vowed to love and cherish Rashaan as much as she loves ice cream! As their video was the cutest, their wedding photos taken inside the ballroom will get you in the mood to dance! Whether you pose for pictures inside or outside of the venue, we promise you they will come out outstanding. The ballroom chandeliers were matched with a beautiful lavender tone. First, the happy newlyweds made their grand entrance to the dance floor with their wedding party making a path for them and cheering them on. When they needed a dancing break, the Celebrations’ chefs had the most delicious foods and drinks to enjoy all night long!

Last but not least, Jacqueline and Bryon‘s wedding in December of 2018 had all the winter wedding inspo you could hope for! Their elegant touches of red roses and greenery emphasized the magical holiday season more in their photos and video. The bride and groom shared an intimate outdoor portrait session under the bright winter sky that day before letting loose on the dance floor. Overall, their night was nothing short of a Christmas miracle!

Want to See More?

How adorable were these couples? Overall, we look forward to celebrating more couple’s incredible weddings here in the future. Of course, our NJ Wedding Photographers or NJ Wedding Videographers could not have captured or filmed these wedding days without the awesome staff at Celebrations. Don’t miss out on our updates to our portfolio below for more Celebrations Bensalem Wedding Photos and video inspiration! 

Celebrations Wedding Photos and Videos

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