Classic and Traditional Wedding Photos

Event Date: April 25, 2021

Classic and traditional wedding photos. at Brick Farm Tavern

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Congratulations to Jennifer and Brian on a stellar wedding! The couple got married on April 25, 2021, at Brick Farm Tavern. We are so thrilled by these classic and traditional wedding photos.

Jennifer and Brian got engaged last May surrounded by friends. Brian proposed by creating a beer label that was Harry Potter-themed. How genius! 

Jennifer and Brian looked absolutely amazing on their wedding day. When it was time for the ceremony Jennifer was holding back her tears when she first saw Brian. Their ceremony was completely romantic. We are so happy their classic and traditional wedding photos were able to capture such a perfect moment between the two!

Their reception was filled with laughter and tears all night long. Their friends and family had an amazing time. For their grand exit, it was filled with sparklers that lit up the night.

Congratulations again to Jennifer and Brian on your wedding day!

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