Gina and Peter’s Wedding at The Palace

Event Date: March 24, 2018

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Congratulations to the lovely couple Gina and Peter for tying the knot. These two share an unbreakable bond that radiates off of them as soon as they walk into any room.

There was no better way to start the day then the way Gina did. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was able to snap pictures of Gina and her bridal party decked out in matching floral robes ready to be pampered before the big day. Pink and Red roses covered the tables as the girls raised their glasses toasting to a forever friendship and a happy marriage. Anxious to meet Peter, Gina and her loved ones boarded the party bus to The Palace at Somerset Park, NJ, but making sure never to leave the Giants cooler behind.

With linked arms, Gina was escorted down the aisle to meet the love of her life who was patiently waiting for her. It was like love at first sight all over again and our NJ Wedding Videographer was there to capture it all. With a kiss to seal the deal and a short ride on a lion statue the newlyweds and their loved ones headed off to the reception. 

With the help of our NJ Wedding DJ the couple and their guest were able to get down like never before. The energy from everyone in the room was so electrifying, it made it an unforgettable night.

Congratulations, again, we wish you nothing but the best in this new chapter of lives together.