Haya and Matthew’s Wedding at The Farmhouse

Event Date: October 6, 2019

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Haya and Matthew’s Wedding at The Farmhouse

Congratulations to Haya and Matthew tying the knot! The beautiful couple celebrated their fall wedding at The Farmhouse on October 6th, 2019.  Our photographers were there to provide the best of Delaware wedding photography

Overall, Haya and Matthew’s special day was full of excitement! Haya began her day with a classic and timeless hair and makeup look. Haya wore a flower crown that matched her bouquet.  She looked absolutely beautiful in her elegant dress with lace detailing. Matthew wore a beige suit and bow tie with a lovely rose pinned to his left pocket. Meanwhile, the bridesmaids all wore different variations of purple colored dresses and flower crowns. The groomsmen all wore beige suits pinned with a rose, just like Matthew had worn. Lastly, the couple’s adorable dog had worn a collar made out of flowers! 

The happy couple had an outdoor ceremony in a charming garden area full of lively trees and fountains. Haya was escorted down the isle covered in flower petals. Matthew was full of pure joy when he had seen Haya. The two stood together at the wedding altar, both full of excitement and ready start the next chapter in their life. The lovely couple were officially pronounced as husband and wife. Everyone was ecstatic and full of joy. A few more pictures to capture the special day, and then it was off to the reception to finally celebrate.

Finally, the time had come to celebrate! Haya and Matthew entered the reception and shared their first dance. Afterwards, friends and family had all gathered to give beautiful speeches to the couple. Everyone then danced the night away! Once again congrats to Haya and Matthew! Thank you, Haya and Matthew, for choosing us for the best of Delaware wedding photography.

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