Jenn and Jesse’s Engagement Session

Event Date: November 6, 2020

scotland run golf club wedding photos and video
Jenn and Jesse’s Engagement Session

Congratulations to Jenn and Jesse on their engagement! These two will be saying “I do” at Scotland Run Golf Club on November 6th, 2020!  Scotland Run Golf Club wedding photos and video captured this couple’s excitement for their upcoming big day!

Jenn and Jesse spent the day in Ocean City, New Jersey, accompanied by sunshine.  Starting their day with a romantic walk towards the water, they shared a hug, a kiss, and a spectacular view.  Overlooking the ocean, you can truly feel the love between these two.  After deciding not to get too sandy, the couple headed back to the boardwalk!

Strolling along, hand in hand, the couple shared a kiss and a twirl before stopping to take some pictures on the benches with the water as their backdrop. Jenn wore a cozy, burgundy sweater, jeans, and boots that provided great contrast to not only the lighter background, but also to Jesse’s dark gray, quarter zip sweater.  As a slight breeze blew past, Jenn was lucky to have a beige scarf to keep her warm! 

When looking through the view finder, Jesse got a great view of his future bride! Jenn was lucky enough to get a similar view of her future husband when she put her quarter in and took a peek! The couple then headed towards Wonderland to have some fun by the Ferris wheel.  After a long day of laughing and walking the boards, Jenn and Jesse stopped by Manco and Manco for a quick slice of pizza (YUM!) 

We are so glad that Scotland Run Golf Club wedding photos and video was able to capture Jenn and Jesse’s fun loving spirit! Congratulations, once again, to the lucky couple on their engagement.  Thank you for having us with you as you get ready for the big day! 

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