Lindsey and Adam’s Wedding at Smithville Inn

Event Date: September 22, 2019

smithville inn wedding photos
Lindsey and Adam’s Wedding at Smithville Inn

Congratulations to Lindsey and Adam on their breathtaking wedding at Smithville Inn! The two tied the knot on September 22nd for a beautiful fall wedding. Their Smithville Inn Wedding Photos couldn’t have come out more perfect. 

To begin her day, Lindsey prepared alongside her gorgeous bridesmaids and adorable daughter. After her hair and makeup were finished, she slipped on her stunning strapless gown and grabbed her beautiful bouquet of flowers and succulents. Next, they made their way to the ceremony, stopping on an old wooden bridge for a few Smithville Inn Wedding Photos. Meanwhile, Adam was with his groomsmen getting ready. He sported a grey suit and white tie.

Then, with everyone ready it was time for the ceremony to begin! The two cutest flower girls walked down the aisle tossing flower petals from baskets that said “here comes the bride” on them. At last, it was Lindsey’s turn! With her father by her side, she walked down the cobblestone stairs to the love of her life. Adam was so in awe at the sight of his beautiful bride. Finally, hand-in-hand under the picture-perfect alter, Lindsey and Adam shared their vows and exchanged the rings. Then, everyone cheered to congratulate the couple as they shared their first kiss!

Next, our Smithville Inn Wedding Photos captured the newlyweds in a romantic shoot walking alongside the pond. At last, it was time to party! The bridal party made a tunnel for the lovely couple to walk through as they made their grand entrance. While sharing their intimate first dance, Lindsey’s daughter joined them for a special moment as a family. To end the unforgettable night, everyone joined the newlyweds on the dance floor to celebrate.

Once again, congratulations to Lindsey and Adam! Thank you for choosing us to capture your big day.

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