North Jersey Wedding Photographers at the Royal Manor

Event Date: April 25, 2021

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Congratulations to the wonderful couple of Denise and Rodney on their wedding day!! On April 25, 2021, our north jersey wedding photographers were there capturing all the happy moments for the couple!

The day started with Denise in prep for her big day with her family and friends surrounding her. As the finishing touches were done, the ceremony was about to begin.

After the lovely ceremony was all captured by the north jersey wedding photographers, the day continued with Denise and Rodney taking pictures with loved ones to celebrate them as newlyweds. 

The reception really got the party started! It was an amazing night filled with fun speeches and nothing but an amazing time!

Thank you to the north jersey wedding photographers for getting all the amazing moments for Denise and Rodney. We wish you nothing but love in your future!