The first thing your guests will see when entering your amazing wedding reception venue is the style of the entire room. The decorations of this room creates the feel and sets the atmosphere for everyone. It gives them an idea of how the night will turn out simply based on how vibrant, romantic or casual it is designed. The theme of your wedding is expanded even more in the reception room.When it comes to the centerpieces, it is highly important to figure out what you are going for and that it’s coherent with the theme of your wedding. You want to be creative even if the theme requires simplicity or thinking outside of the box.

If you have a love for flowers, you could have the centerpiece focused on flowers of any sort or just your favorite one.  Make sure it reflects your attitude and who you are as a person.

More of simple type of person but creative at the same time? Try going for a tall centerpiece simply decorated in white accessories. You could have branches decorated with white lights and sticking out of a vase. This idea will give the reception a more romantic, chill atmosphere in which you may have been looking for.