Want to visually display the union that you and your groom have just formed? Why not show it through a monogram! Monograms are a great symbolization of the union of not ony both of your names but also one another as a couple.

One really easy way to display your new monogram in a big way is through projecting it onto the dance floor. Monogram projections are the hottest wedding trend popping up at many summer weddings!

A monogram projection is done by first deciding on a monogram you both love! Once that happens discuss with you south Jersey wedding DJ about how they can project it onto the dance floor during the reception. You will need to also decide on color, font and size, considering all of these elements can be customized to your liking.

Once all the details have been worked out the rest is all the work of your Monmouth County wedding DJ! They will setup the projection and have it displayed on the dance floor at the time when you decide. You can have it there when you enter, during your first dance, as your guests enter the reception space or the whole night long!

So make your south jersey wedding about the two of you and your union. A monogram projection is a simple and easy way to do that!

Your guests will also be amazed by the look of the monogram on the dance floor!