Now that you have the glow of love all around you from your new engagement, a bride must also think about save the date cards! Those very important little cards you send out to your closest loved ones to make sure they know what day is going to be your special day!

There are many ways that save the days can be done!

  • Magnets
  • Cards
  • Video Recordings
  • And so much more!

Now lets talk a little about video recording save the dates! Bet you have not hear of doing that? And that means all the more reason for you and your sweetheart to be one of the first couples to do it! Its unique and definitely more personal.

With your local Atlantic County wedding videographer you can get together in a romantic local; beach, garden, forrest or even your own backyard! Another idea can be to video your  save the date in the spot where the engagement happened.

Video save the dates are a great idea for couples who are planning a small intimate wedding! They can express more express and excitement over the wedding than a photography or magnet could ever do. Video save the dates also allow you to get your guest pumped up!

If you are looking for an Atlantic County wedding videographer who can help you create video save the dates look no further!

Enchanted Celebrations has many skilled wedding videographers who can work with you to make your video save the date perfect and customized to you as a couple!