wedding videography pricing nj

Videography On The Rise


It is no surprise why videography has come such a long way in the booming wedding industry. Nowadays, wedding videos are more of like watching the movie trailer that is unique to your own vision and style! With drone footage and the latest technology updates, videography is on the rise and we only see it becoming more popular as time goes on. At Enchanted Celebrations, our Wedding Videography Pricing in  NJ is tailored to fit your budget.

Wait… But Is It Really A Worthy Expense?

wedding videography pricing nj

Wondering if a videographer is a must-have for your wedding? Well, that’s up for you to decide, but let us convince you further! First, you will want to think about how important a video would be to you.  Of course, there will be beautiful pictures to fill up your album with, but a video presents couples with the unique opportunity to relive all the incredible moments again. Photography, alone, simply cannot live up to these expectations! See for yourself a recent wedding that our NJ Wedding Videographer captured using drone footage and more!

Let’s Talk Numbers


How awesome were those drone views though? Once deciding upon videography, the next step is for couples to evaluate the numbers and know how to avoid overspending on a videographer. Did you know that most couples will spend $1,000- $2,500 for Wedding Videography Pricing in NJ? According to the popular wedding site, The Knot, the average couple spends around $2,021 overall. We know what you’re thinking! Where does the money go? First and foremost, you are paying for the individual service, recording time, and equipment used. Second, you are contributing to editing costs that will perfect your video. (After all, your work of art is extraordinary and deserves undivided, careful attention to details!).  Finally, your money will go to any physical copy of your film that you will receive to keep forever. In addition, many couples will typically tip their videographer anywhere from $100-$200 to thank them for exceptional work.

Say No More…I’m Convinced!

wedding videography pricing nj

Our goal is to provide our exceptional clients with nothing but the best in terms of quality, service, and pricing for their final video highlight. Above all, we will not stop until our couple’s expectations are fully succeeded. One major component in delivering extraordinary, outside-of-studio quality videography directly relates to the type of equipment used as well as a natural eye for creativity. You can rest assured that our dedicated team of professional NJ Wedding Videographers will stay passionate, focused, and educated on the latest trends on all things technology to tell your story!

Overall, planning your dream wedding can be exhausting in deciding what to focus your attention on cost-wise. Trust us, we get it! As you are weighing out your options, keep in mind that setting aside a portion of your budget for Wedding Videography Pricing in  NJ  holds an unparalleled amount of value for a lifetime to come!

Your Wedding Story is Waiting to Be Told…


wedding videography pricing in nj