Justin, an Enchanted Celebration South Jersey Wedding Photographer who has been shooting pictures since 2004, is one of those wedding Photographers in South Jersey who prefers a more traditional approach to taking pictures at weddings. Rather then focusing on the latest trends, which may dissipate after a few years, Justin focuses on making wedding photographs look timeless. He wants the photographs to be able to look like they were taken just yesterday. Justin also wants to be able to do things most modern day photographers usually don’t do, such as traditional family poses of the wedding family. He feels that these photographs are more timeless and will provide better memories then just taking pictures of separate people. Justin also has the philosophy of not being the kind of photographer who wants to go tattletale on people who don’t want to have their picture taken or be an annoyance to the wedding party. In his philosophy, he feels that he is just at the wedding to record the action on the bride and groom’s special day, not there to yank people off the dance floor and take pictures just because he feels that he can make a good picture.