Congratulations to Latifah and Chris on their recent engagement! This perfect pair has plans to tie the knot on May 27, 2017 at the beautiful Mercer Oaks Country Club in Princeton Junction, NJ.


The lively young couple spent the day taking gorgeous photos on the beach where they wrote their wedding date on shells they found while taking a romantic walk along the shoreline. As the two walked hand-in-hand down the beach, they could not keep their eyes off of each other. The love Latifah and Chris have for each other is radiating in these stunning engagement photos.


Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured the loving couple’s youthful and fun personalities as the two splashed around in the ocean waves. By using various filters and effects on their photos, the photographer was able to really highlight and emphasize the love this couple has. With whimsical black and white photos and up close shots of Latifah’s brilliant diamond ring, you can really get a sense of the passion and love this stunning couple has for each other.


As the day rolled on and the sun slowly began to sink lower in the sky, this perfect pair sat down next to each other and looked out upon the open ocean. Just as Chris and Latifah turn to each other and lock eyes, the photographer captured a sweet moment of pure joy and love. The two shared a sweet kiss as they imagined spending the rest of their lives together as one.


All of the photos, whether goofy or passionate, truly showcase the love and commitment this gorgeous young couple have for each other. As these two move closer and closer to their wedding day, they will always have these photos to look back on and reminisce about one of the happiest times in their lives together.


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