Let’s Go Price Shoppingbest wedding entertainment packages in nj

Spending your busy days price shopping for a wedding DJ? We hear you! When deciding on the best wedding entertainment packages in NJ, of course, you want to find a package that is completely customizable and flexible. Think about it, your wedding is so unique to you and your true love as a couple, so shouldn’t your packages be as well? Uh, totally!

That’s why at Enchanted Celebrations, we tailor all of our promotional packages to fit your budgeting vision with the option to add on any features your heart desires. The goal here is to make price shopping as simple as dancing to the beat of your favorite wedding songs. But first, we’ll tell you just what to look for when price shopping for a DJ!

Tell Me What To Look For!best wedding entertainment packages in nj

Finding the best wedding entertainment packages in NJ calls for a little shopping around! As previously mentioned, a DJ package should align with how incredibly beautiful and unique your wedding day will be with customized enhancements and more. Another important item to check for in a package is if there are amenities that are shared in every package.

At Enchanted Celebrations, we offer three promotional wedding entertainment packages: Celebration, Celebration Plus, and Celebration Deluxe. In each of these distinct packages, we offer five hours of continuous music, one DJ and one MC, our online party planning system, a party light show, and full-time staff dedicated to planning. Having these offerings across multiple packages allows you to know exactly what you are getting as well as a working template for much more!

Speaking of more, the possibilities are endless! Be on the lookout for DJ packages that can offer you popular ads-ons such as a projected monogram, intelligent lighting, spotlighted first dance, or dancing on the clouds (dry ice). Lastly, let’s not forget to mention that behind an unmatched package is the work of talented, professional DJs waiting to kick off your party (and make the price shopping all worth it.)!

Shop Till You Drop…It Low on the Dance Floor

best wedding entertainment packages in nj

All this shopping, but there’s no time for dropping until you and your guests are dancing the night away! When your ceremony comes to a close on that special day of yours, the real party is just beginning. Don’t stop your shop game until you find the best wedding entertainment packages in NJ, and you’ll be rocking out on the dance floor before you know it!

best wedding entertainment packages in nj