Weddings are not only beautiful but very popular in the LBI area. LBI weddings range from small gatherings to extravagant experiences. Creating a beautiful beach wedding seems difficult but with these tips you will able to create your picture perfect beach moment!

– Choose your photographer carefully. An LBI photographer has experience doing beach weddings. An LBI Photographer will be able to get the perfect pictures. An LBI Photographer will also know how to capture the best shots and where to go to create amazing pictures.

– Think about lightweight attire that is easy to move around in. Your dress might get wet on the beach; think about dresses that are lightweight and dry fast.

– When choosing a shoe remember you will be walking on sand. Choosing a wedge or decorative flip flop might be a better choice than a heel.

– When contacting a hairdresser make sure to tell her you’re having a beach wedding. your hair needs to withstand the elements from the beach. You do not want to have wedding pictures ruined because of wind, water, or sand.

– Choose a LBI DJ as well. The LBI DJ has experience doing beach weddings and has the right equipment for an outside wedding.