Having a beach wedding is a very special and unique way to celebrate your marriage. One of the best things about a beach wedding is the amazing photos the beach offers. Your wedding pictures will be unique and capture moments that not every wedding can. An LBI photographer has lots of experience capturing beach weddings. When booking your LBI photographer you should make sure to get these 4 classic unique pictures from your beach wedding.

1. The silhouette. Using the sun can create amazing pictures. Having your LBI photographer make you walk towards the sunlight will cause a beautiful silhouette of the bride and groom and a must have beach wedding picture.

2. Whimsical pictures. The beach offers a laid back feeling. Having your LBI photographer take pictures of your bridal party jumping in the sand or running near the water can create very fun, memorable pictures.

3. Cute pictures. The beach is a haven of creativity for LBI photographers. The couple standing in a large sand drawn heart or initials drawn in the sand with flowers all around can create very creative photos.

4. The happily ever after. The beach offers sun from every angle. A picture of the couple from behind walking toward the sun creates an amazing, classic picture for every LBI photographer.

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