prices for wedding djs in nj

Tips, Please

Let’s be real, we all know how important a DJ is for providing the perfect wedding entertainment! A DJ controls the mood of your wedding and what will keep your guests dancing and out of their seats all night long. Even if you are not the dancing type, you’ll want some type of music to be playing during your special evening. When it comes to prices for wedding DJs in NJ, our tips will help you save money as you save your best dance moves for the big night!

At Enchanted Celebrations, we know just what it takes to ensure that your guests are dancing the night away. As you are out there under the spotlights, you can dance at ease knowing that all of our packages are tailored to fit your budget. Turn your dance mode on and read these money-saving tips!

Pro-Tip #1: Opt for a DJ over a Live Band

prices for wedding djs in nj

First things first, choosing a DJ over a live band will automatically save you a huge chunk of cash! In comparison, a live band could cost around $4,000 while a DJ costs around $1,200. Hiring a professional DJ who will create a unique playlist just for you truly makes all the difference! With the perfect blend of the ultimate music selection and guest interaction, a live band simply does not compare. In addition, DJs can even appeal to more age groups as well as bring along some fun props. Above all, you should never compromise on quality here!

Prop-Tip #2: Find a DJ That Does It All!

prices for wedding djs in nj

Will your DJ be in charge of set-up? Will he or she be bringing along a DJ assistant? Can your DJ also be your MC? These are all critical questions to keep in mind as you want to hire a DJ that can do it all to get you the most for prices for wedding DJs in NJ!

Pro-Tip #3: The Timing is All Yours!prices for wedding djs in nj

Third, you can compromise by choosing to have your DJ present at only part of your wedding. Some couples will choose to have the DJ play at the big three: ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. By only hiring your DJ during the reception, you are cutting down the timeline which of course, decreases the price. To save further, make a playlist/CD to play of your own at the ceremony and cocktail hour, leaving room for your DJ to pump up your reception! Overall, you call the shots when it comes to the upbeat and romantic tunes, so let your DJ know what’s most important to you.

Pro-Tip #4: Claim Your DJ Early On

prices for wedding djs in nj

Booking early in the wedding industry always has its perks! At Enchanted Celebrations, we give each client the opportunity to chose from our various talented DJs for their wedding well in advance. Claiming your DJ early will also give you plenty of time to perfect your playlist as well as provide a do-not play list and determining how engaging you’d like them to be!

Overall, a professional DJ is a special component of your wedding that should most certainly not be overlooked! As you can see, prices for wedding DJs in NJ do not have to completely break your dream wedding budget. Show us how you #ownthenight, and we’ll show you at Enchanted Celebrations how you can save on one of the most important aspects to your party!

Let’s get your money-saving party started…

prices for wedding DJs in nj