prices for wedding photographers in nj

Tips, Please

In need of some money-saving tips for all things wedding photography? When it comes to prices for wedding photographers in NJ, we’ve got you covered here. At Enchanted Celebrations, we work with each and every one of our couples to fit the needs of their budget and satisfaction for photos that will #embraceextraordinary

Above all, we totally understand the importance of having a photographer at your wedding. A photographer is going to capture every intimate and candid moment for you as a new happily married couple! In addition, these photos include even the little details that you want to be able to look back on for the rest of your life through albums and more.

Have no fear, you can still have your beautiful photos cherished forever while saving a few of the big bucks in the long run! As you are dreaming up your perfect wedding photos, check out our money-saving tips! 

Pro-Tip #1 : Rank Your Photo Priorities

prices for wedding photographers in nj

Right off the bat, you want to determine what photos are most important for you at your wedding day. Thinking of having a first look? How about bride and groom prep photos? Sparkler sendoff at night? Remember that these added features will increase the price range, but will in turn leave you with even more gorgeous photos!

Pro-Tip #2 : Timing is Everything!

prices for wedding photographers in nj

Choosing the timeline for your photographer and even adding on a second photographer will dictate pricing. For example, hiring a photographer (or two) for 4 hours instead 8 will, of course, be a bit more costly. On another crucial timing note, booking a photographer for a winter wedding versus a summer wedding will make a difference in the end. As you can see, timing really is everything here!

Pro-Tip #3 : The Early Bird Gets the Worm

prices for wedding photographers in nj

We all know that saying…and it’s so true! Booking your photographer early on will put you ahead of the wedding game. Furthermore, early action will leave you with more time to budget for other services as well! Additionally, some photographers will even give couples a discount for paying them in full. 

Pro-Tip #4 : Refer Your Pals

prices for wedding photographers in nj

Your squad and your wallet will thank you! One final but incredibly important tip for how you can save on prices for wedding photographers in NJ is to recommend to others.  In certain cases, referring your friends and family to book your wedding photographer for their own wedding/special occasion is a simple way to leave you with a little extra money in your pocket! Can’t hurt, right?!

Overall, prices for wedding photographers in NJ can be completely budget-friendly when you truly break it down! In the end, booking this service will help you to remember every moment from your day in ways that are indescribable to share with generations to come! If you follow our tips, you will without a doubt save money (while saving your memories, too!).

Saving for all the beautiful wedding photos like…

prices for wedding photographers in nj