Being an owner of a NJ wedding business and being a student in a master’s program at the same time gives me a very unique perspective on the NJ Wedding industry as well as watching the DJs and photographers interact with each other during the wedding itself. NJ residents have been known to carry a certain amount of “pride” or what others would call attitude but we are from NJ and their not so whatever; see what I mean! At weddings, oftentimes, tensions can arise between the vendors that the bride and groom hire for their special day. Being a wedding DJ in NJ since 2003, I have seen this so many times and in the end; the bride and groom are the ones that loose.

DJs and photographers have to remember while it is their responsibility to get the guests up and dancing and take breathtaking pictures they can only accomplish this by working with the client and other hired wedding vendors. We send our photographers and videographers to weddings all of the time and 1 out of 4 weddings we have a DJ (who doesn’t work for us) walk right in front of the camera and ruin the shot; multiple times throughout the reception.

When you are interviewing NJ wedding DJs, see if they bring up the importance of interacting with the wedding photographer and videographer. Obviously, if you just outright and ask the wedding DJ, “do you work well with other vendors” they are going to say, “I do 200 weddings a year and I have never had a problem.” Duh, they are being interviewed and they have never seen the footage after the wedding! Try asking, “have you ever worked with a wedding photographer or videographer you can’t stand.” Then listen  carefully.

At Enchanted Celebrations, along with my background, our wedding DJs, photographers, and videographers are seasoned professionals who receive professional development training in the team attitude of weddings and special events. Even with the additional training in the team atmosphere of weddings and being able to work with every vendor to ensure the bride and groom and a wonderful wedding, most of our customers choose to us for DJ, Photo, and Video (if they are doing a video). They use us for multiple services because they know, with Enchanted Celebrations they will receive flawless execution of their special day. Not to mention, with one call all of their wedding questions will be answered; we are the NJ wedding experts!

About the Author:

Alex Karas is a full-time wedding industry entrepreneur in Ocean County, NJ. He is the owner/operator of a wedding services company, Enchanted Celebrations as well as a wedding stationary company, Simply Chic Invites. To learn more about NJ wedding DJs you can visit his website at or contact him directly at 609-618-7302.