Since at Enchanted Celebrations we always offer free no obligation, in home consultations I have the unique opportunity to go to clients homes and discuss their wedding DJ search in great detail. While every wedding is different, I do get some of the same questions; one of those questions is about what the DJ will wear at the wedding. This is a great question that I think more couples who are planning a NJ wedding need to ask.

When couples ask the prospective wedding DJ, “what will your staff be wearing at our wedding?” Most DJs (who have at least worked a few NJ weddings) will say, “we wear a tuxedo.” Sounds good, right? Maybe not. Tuxedos may not be difficult to pick out as a wedding dress, but for a DJ it is very hard. Most NJ wedding DJs are not very stylish and look just liked they walked out of the 80’s or dropped in from ‘Jersey Shore’ on MTV. Can you say blow-out? No seriously, open a new browser window, go to, and type “DJ tuxedo” in the images section. Trust me, the results are nothing short of scary.

NJ Wedding DJ

NJ Wedding DJ – Enchanted Celebrations

At Enchanted Celebrations, all of our wedding DJs wear a professional, company-approved tuxedo that is stylish, contemporary, and yet, will not take any attention away from the Groom. Since one of our core values is personalization, we even let our customers choose the tie color of the wedding DJ for no charge whatsoever. What better way to create an atmosphere in your reception venue than everything matching, even your wedding DJ!

For more information on our wedding DJs, check out:>or go to our NJ wedding homepage at: If you would like additional information, please feel free to call Alex anytime at: 609-618-7302.        

Our wedding DJs travel all over NJ with no travel or gas fees.

Don’t forget that Enchanted Celebrations also offers wedding photography and wedding videography too!