Today I received a post card from a wedding photographer based in north jersey. To protect their identity and the purposes of this article, let’s use “NJ Wedding Photography Studio” as their company name. Anyway, the post card was absolutely filled with prices and combination packages featuring DJ, Photo, and Video. I wonder if they are a company give nickel and dime customers after the wedding is they come in looking price-heavy?

Across the top of the post card is very large bold lettering it says, “PHOTO STUDIO.” It should be obvious that, “NJ Wedding Photography Studio” has a clear disconnect between the Photo, Video, and DJ aspects of the wedding. If a photography studio can’t show cohesiveness  on a 4inx6in post card how are they supposed to get it together during the wedding! Clearly, “NJ Wedding Photography Studio” is a photography studio that most likely has a friend who is a videographer and a DJ that couldn’t make it on their own and now they are try to ride the coat tails of NJ Wedding Photography Studio. To me, sounds like a recipe of disaster.

It makes sense for brides to choose all inclusive wedding companies over individual vendors for a multitude of reasons. However it is important to find an all inclusive wedding company that is actually an all inclusive company, not a photography studio that has a DJ add-on and trying to pass that off as wedding entertainment. At Enchanted Celebrations we understand that your wedding vendors need to work together as a team to deliver the best entertainment, album, and video. Rounding the corner on completed my Master’s in Management; I cannot think of anyone else in NJ to ensure that your wedding is executed flawlessly.

If you would like more information on Enchanted Celebrations’ DJ, Photo, and Video packages, please feel free to visit our website at: https://www.enchantedcelebrations.comor call Alex at: 609-618.7302.