Your hairstyle pulls together your whole look on your wedding day, and it helps your NJ wedding photographer take amazing pictures! Deciding what hairstyle to use can be extremely difficult especially if you really like a few different options. Here are wedding hair guidelines from NJ wedding hairdressers to help you find the best hairstyle for your wedding!

  1. Do a practice run

Schedule a practice run with your hairdresser for your wedding day. Make sure the hairstyle you thought you wanted looks as good as you envisioned before your wedding day!


  1. Is it comfortable?

Walk around with your hairstyle and your veil. Are you comfortable with the style? Take the veil off and decide if your hairstyle is still comfortable and practical.

  1. Take pictures.

Have your stylist take pictures of every angle to get a clear view of the hairstyle. Once you get home, have a mini photo shoot and practice different styles and poses you would like your NJ wedding photographer to take. Make sure you like your hair in every shot so you know exactly how you want to look during your NJ wedding.

  1. Make sure it holds up

Your hairstyle is going to have to hold up for many hours on your wedding day. Dance around, throw your head back laughing, and practice doing different poses. Think about the wedding pictures from beginning to end. Make sure your hair is secure enough to handle everything on your wedding day!

  1. Keep it practical

Yes, this day is all about you but your hair is not the only thing they should be looking at. Make sure your hair blends with your dress and your makeup. Each of these should complement each other not over power!