prices for wedding photographers in NJ

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

What are those thousand words saying?! They are telling us that no wedding is fully complete without having your beautiful photos to show for it, of course! From filling your album to sharing on social media, the more photos you have to cherish, the better! With the abundance of phones present at your wedding, there will be countless selfies and personal shots (which are still appreciated!). However, a phone camera simply cannot substitute for professional portraits or give detail shots justice! When it comes to prices for wedding photographers in NJ, you can have the photo package of your dreams with the flexibility that your wallet deserves with Enchanted Celebrations!

But At What Cost?

Prices for wedding photographers in NJ

Before getting your hands on your breathtaking photos, our expert team works with our couples to ensure each day is captured to perfection and pricing is fully understood! According to WeddingWire, an accredited wedding planning site, the prices for wedding photographers in NJ amount to around $2,000, depending. WeddingWire also advises that if a tip is not included in the photographer package, it should be factored into a budget. Depending on the package and photographer experience, $100 to $200 is a nice gesture.

Before booking any service, a couple should be sure to research what comes included into each package. With photography, factors such as travel expenses, timeline,  and photo style change within each price range. If you desire a beachysummer wedding or prefer fall or winter,  keep in mind those pricing differences! Interestingly, WeddingWire also states that the average cost of a wedding photographer should be about 12% of the overall budget. If counting pennies is making the entire wedding planning process go sour, there’s no need to worry here! Our photographers will embrace extraordinary as well as take the time to cater to your overall pricing needs.

Shine Bright!

Prices for wedding photographers in NJ

From candids to posed glamour shots, we aim to capture our couples shining bright! Think about having bride and groom preparation caught on camera as well as that special nighttime sparkler send-off. No matter the budget, every couple deserves wedding photos to look back at and smile.  As you can see, the prices for wedding photographers in NJ, should definitely not keep you from getting photo ready!

Photo Ready Like…

Prices for wedding photographers in NJ

Prices for wedding photographers in NJ


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