Let’s Stay On The Dance Floor

Looking for ideas on how you can keep your guests out there on the dance floor all night long? With Enchanted Celebrations, our wedding DJs in NJ can help you out with this one! As your guests will be enjoying the night indulging in the delicious wedding foods and posing for photos and videos, there’s no better way to celebrate then with a packed dance floor! Look no further than our free E-book below to get your guests in the mood to groove with you and the love of your life!

Chance To Dance!

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Our “10 Ideas To Keep Your Guests Dancing” is your complete guide to the reception party inspiration you didn’t know you needed (until now!).  Don’t let your guests miss out on their chance to dance to the beat of our wedding DJs in NJ playlist that was crafted to perfection, just for you! Ultimately, the music you hear should not be mistaken for background noise, but instead used as a tool for entertaining. Sure, there are those special moments that you and your partner will get to have your own spotlight for. (Hello, dancing on a cloud and spotlighted first dances!). However, you want to have the rest of your loved ones dancing and singing to your favorite party jams, right? That’s why we created this detailed E-book, for the couples that can’t stay off the dance floor!

A Preview To What’s Inside

wedding djs in nj

Interactive music? Line dances? Guest requests? Our E-book has the tips you’re looking to learn more about to master the perfect wedding entertainment atmosphere. Knowing how engaging you’d like  your professional DJ to be with your guests is vital in controlling the overall vibe. For wedding DJs in NJ, keep in mind that an interactive experience may be the perfect addition to your reception!

We’re Ready!

wedding djs in nj