Wedding DJs in Toms River

Turn Up The Music!

That’s right, it’s your time to shine and let loose on the dance floor! As wedding planning will feel a little hectic, let’s make sure that you’re completely stress-free on the big day. Our wedding DJs in Toms River will make sure that you don’t have to worry for even a minute. That means you can party all night long with your sweetheart and guests without having to panic about what song is going to play next! Above all, our talented team of professionals have years of experience under their belts to ensure that whatever happens on the dance floor, doesn’t have to stay on the dance floor.

Of course, you wedding day is one of the most unforgettable events of your life. For this reason, it’s crucial that you choose your reception entertainment from a trusted team of wedding DJs in Toms River. (That’s where Enchanted Celebrations comes in!).  We know how important music can be to your nuptials. It serves as a beautiful backdrop to the lasting memories of your unforgettable wedding day. With that said, you don’t want to hear “Tainted Love” on the radio one day and instantly be taken back to your wedding reception, do you? Of course not!

Thankfully, our wedding DJs in Toms River will make sure only the songs you want played will take the spotlight. Every carefully selected song will perfectly match the atmosphere of your wedding day. First and foremost, our DJs listen to you! If you love it, they play it; if you don’t, they won’t. It’s that simple! Based on all of your likes and dislikes, our DJs will cultivate the perfect playlist to capture your unique style. This will ensure that you and your guests will truly own the night!

Meet Our Wedding DJs in Toms River

wedding DJs in Toms River

If you’re searching for the best wedding DJs in Toms River, Enchanted Celebrations will help you find the perfect professional! We promise, we only hire the best-of-the-best when it comes to wedding entertainment (and everything else!). Furthermore, you can depend on all of our talented DJs to make your wedding the unforgettable event is should be. Your wedding DJ will make sure to keep you — and all of your guests — entertained and happy for hours and hours on end, period. Above all, our wedding DJs in Toms River are dedicated to crafting you and your guests a memorable experience that will last a lifetime (and beyond!).

Want to meet our team of wedding DJs? Be sure to dance on over to our “Meet Our DJs” page. Here, you’ll get a look at our DJs professional experience and even see real wedding videos of them pumping up the party! Ultimately, every single one of our wedding DJs in Toms River will provide you individualized and attentive service. They will play tracks that are specially tailored to resonate with you and your love story! From emotional ballads that are ideal for sweet slow dances to upbeat pop ditties to get everybody on their feet, our diverse DJs cover all the bases. In the end, our wedding DJs in Toms River knock it out of the park every time. So take a look at the rest of our amazing DJs to ensure that your wedding is the home run that you want it to be.

Pump Up Your Wedding Reception With Our DJ Packages

Our wedding DJs in Toms River will provide you with everything you need to pump up your evening reception! On top of one MC, one DJ, party lights, and five hours of nonstop music, we have plenty more exciting options to add to your entertainment package to make all of your wildest wedding dreams come true. From ambient lighting (look at all those fun colors!) to dancing on a cloud (are we in wedding heaven?), it all depends on what you want!

Peep Ashley and Marcus’ elegant wedding at The Clarion Hotel. This cute couple craved a simple yet elegant wedding reception. They shared their first dance together beneath soft blue lighting as their guests watched in awe of their captivating love. Our wedding DJs in Toms River made sure to play all the best songs at all the right times. With that said, Ashley and Marcus shared their first dance (and parent dances!) without a hitch! It was nothing but smooth sailing (or should we say, swaying) and champagne for the entirety of their wedding night. Overall, we’re so grateful that we got to give them the wedding experience that they have always dreamed of.

wedding DJs in Toms River

What if you want a little something extra during your reception? Don’t you worry, our wedding DJs in Toms River will hook you up! Check out Theresa and Patrick’s October wedding at The Ramada in Toms River. Not only did these cuties have a DJ to pump up their reception, but they had a personalized projected monogram, too! Check out their photos to see how it pumped up the decorations in their reception space. Even a little addition to their DJ package like a projected monogram can make a whole world of difference! Moreover, Theresa and Patrick and their enthusiastic guests danced the entire night away. From forming fun dance circles to participating in awesome group dances, everybody at The Ramada was having the time of their lives thanks to our wedding DJs in Toms River.

Want To See More?

wedding DJs in Toms River

Need more inspiration to get you in a dancing mood? Be sure to check out the rest of the incredible receptions that our terrific wedding DJs in Toms River have had the pleasure to MC.  But wait…do you need a photographer for your wedding, too? We got you! Take a look at everything our wedding photographers in Toms River can do here! Whatever the case may be, our professionals can’t wait to help you and your guests own your Toms River wedding night. Contact us today to book one of our wedding DJs in Toms River. Let’s turn up the music and start the party!