wedding photographers in South Jersey

Getting Married on The Green

If you’re anything like our wedding photographers in South Jersey, then you love country club weddings! There’s just nothing like driving away on a golf cart with tin cans behind you and a “just married” sign, right? Get ready to grab your golf clubs and check out some of our favorite South Jersey hole-in-one weddings at Valleybrook, Greate Bay, and Running Deer Golf Club!

Par-fect Photo Ops

wedding photographers in South Jersey

Seriously though, we think this wedding photo work is up to par! First, lets check Katie and Dave’s fall wedding at Valleybrook Country Club! We love their first look photos, and we’re sure you will too. Our wedding photographers in South Jersey took some really incredible shots of Katie making her way to her husband to be. The bold contrast between the vivid green and Katie’s dress as well as the distance between her and Dave made for a visually pleasing capture. Also, be sure to check out his sweet reaction. Spoiler alert: their smiles are absolutely adorable!

Want some more “Greate” golf course wedding photos? Peep Kimberly and Daniel’s breathtaking wedding at Greate Bay Country Club! Take a look at that one shot of them kissing in front of the gazebo. Everything about it is gorgeous – the green shrubs, the white wood, and the bright sunflowers. Our wedding photographers in South Jersey couldn’t stop snapping! Make sure to check out that romantic picture of Daniel dipping Kimberly right on the green next to the goal. Now, that’s definitely a hole in one wedding photo!

Finally, let’s take a peek at Jenny and Brandon’s June wedding at Running Deer Golf Club! These two cuties took the most adorable above par photo ops. First, check out that hilarious shot of them kissing on the green while their boys cover their eyes. Our wedding photographers in South Jersey could tell that Jenny and Brandon are trying to hold back their laughter. We also love that sweet shot of them cheesing on the golf course. Brandon has his jacket hung over his shoulder while Jenny kisses him in her gorgeous white dress. We can’t get over how cute this couple is!

Want to Play Again?

Be sure to check out the rest of our favorite South Jersey hole-in-one weddings for some more  inspo! Our wedding photographers in South Jersey can’t wait to provide you with the country club wedding photos of your dreams. So what are you waiting for? Hit the green and contact us today!