Valenzano Winery Wedding Photos

Sweet Wedding Photos By The Glass

If there is one thing our wedding photographers in South Jersey love more than wine, its shooting South Jersey vineyard weddings! Rustic venues like Valenzano, Renault, and Tomasello Wineries are perfect for capturing the WINE-derful wedding photos you crave. What are you waiting for?  Take a seat, grab a glass, and sip some rustic wine wedding inspiration from some of our favorite South Jersey weddings!

Pinterest-Perfect POUR-traits

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Looking for some Pinterest-perfect POUR-traits? First, peep Megan and Tom’s wedding at Valenzano Winery! Our wedding photographers in South Jersey snapped some cute pics of the happy couple in front of some rustic wooden casks. Megan looked gorgeous in her white dress and veil. Meanwhile, Tom looked handsome in his black suit. They popped against the bold red framing holding the barrels in place. Then, they took some sweet snaps in front of a flagstone wall adorned with candles. The warm candle lights perfectly illuminated Megan and Tom’s smiling faces.

For more cask captures, check out Grace and Steve’s wedding at Renault Winery! First, these two lovebirds stole a kiss in front of a huge vintage barrel of wine! Our wedding photographers in South Jersey couldn’t believe the size of the barrel and their incredible smiles. Next, they took some idyllic portraits in the middle of an orchard. The lush green foliage surrounded them as Steve, in his navy tux, held Grace in her sleeveless white dress. Be sure to take a look at their reception photos too!  Above all, the wooden decor of the ball room set the rustic wedding tone perfectly.

Craving more vineyard pictures? We got you! Peep Sara and Eric’s wedding at Tomasello winery! Eric wore his charcoal suit while Sara stunned in her delicate lace dress. Together, they walked hand in hand through the manicured orchard. Then, Eric took the opportunity to twirl his beautiful bride around in the middle of the path. Our wedding photographers in South Jersey snapped a pic at the perfect moment! Sara’s smile lit up the entire country scene as her dress glowed against the cloudy sky. Ultimately, Eric stole a final kiss before heading into their romantic reception.

Need a Refill?

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Check out the rest of the WINE-derful couples that our wedding photographers in South Jersey have captured! We promise, you won’t be disappointed (or thirsty!).