Completely Candid and Carefree Wedding Photos

Keeping Things Candid

Smile for the candids! First thing’s first, our photographers know just how to capture those perfect, unplanned moments throughout your wedding. Completely candid and carefree wedding photos are filled with life and raw emotion. Ultimately, our photographers are ready to keep their finger on the shutter button of the camera and capture the priceless and the unexpected. Let’s explore how our team of professionals can accomplish this priceless photo style for your special day!

Background, Foreground, and Focus

When taking completely candid and carefree wedding photos, our photographers carefully use the background and foreground to focus on the special moment that they are trying to photograph! Check out Angela and Mario’s gorgeous wedding pictures for share-worthy candid shots. There is one shot in particular of their ceremony where we see the officiant clapping just as the bride and groom were pronounced as husband and wife. Her smile is the sweetest thing you’ll see all day, we promise! Our photographers made sure to blur her bridesmaids in the background and a few guests in the foreground in order to focus all the attention on the adorable excitement in Angela’s face.

If you want to see another cute example of how our photographers can capture completely candid and carefree wedding photos, take a look at Angela and Mario’s nighttime portraits. Our talented photographers hid behind some foliage to capture yet another shot of Angela’s unmatched happiness as Mario sweetly embraces her. They kept some of the natural foliage in the shot while maintaining focus on the happy couple in order to truly capture that candid vibe. We just can’t get enough of their photos (and Angela’s amazing smile!).

Your Reception is a Candid Photo’s Best Friend

Need some more inspiration for completely candid and carefree wedding photos? Peep Avrielle and Timothy’s gorgeous wedding at Eagle Manor. These two cuties shared so many sweet moments throughout their big day! First, take a quick look at Avrielle’s bride prep pictures and spot that one amazing shot of the flower girl running around.  Isn’t she so adorable?! The sunlight pouring through the doors lights up her excited face so beautifully! Thankfully, our photographers were quick on their feet to take this unforgettable shot.

Next, check out Avrielle and Timothy’s first dance for more completely candid and carefree wedding photos. Once again, our photographers made sure to keep the focus on the bride and groom, in particular, the way they look at each other. A photo speaks a thousand words, and this one in particular leaves us speechless! Check out Avrielle’s dance with her mother, too. Our photographers captured a sweet embrace between them in a moment more profound than words can describe. We weren’t kidding about how special completely candid and carefree wedding photos can be!

Want To See More?

Can’t get enough of candid wedding photography? See our favorite completely candid and carefree wedding photos in our gallery below! Want to learn about some more wedding photography styles? Take a look at our Light and Airy inspo as well as our Dark and Moody photos! Whatever the case may be, our photographers will articulately capture your wedding photos and all the special moments that happen in between.

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Completely Candid and Carefree Wedding Photos

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