Dark and Moody Wedding Photos

Dark and Moody Wedding Photos

Moody Vibes

Wedding photography style spotlight: dark and moody! When compared to a light and airy look, these images reflect a more emotional vibe, featuring deep shadows and contrasts. Dark and moody wedding photos capture that timeless romantic look that we all know and love! Thankfully, our photography professionals are masters at telling stories through this classic style. From shooting to editing, they know all the tricks to successfully convey your unique photography style. Dark and moody wedding photos allow the focus of the photo to be on the bride and groom, showing off the love between the two. Are you ready to wed your wedding photos in moody matrimony? Explore our secrets for capturing dark and moody wedding photos that are trending on your Instagram feed!

All About the Contrasts

dark and moody wedding photosSaturated colors and deep shadows? Yes please! When it comes to setting a sophisticated dark and moody vibe, it’s all about bringing out the strong colors and contrasts. We LOVE how dark and moody wedding photos have a painted quality to them. Our photographers will find you the perfect dim environment to set the mood! There’s also nothing more romantic than sneaking outside while your guests party inside to have a romantic night time shoot. Quick tip: window lighting also works wonders here if outside isn’t an option! Peep Jackie and Luke’s breathtaking wedding photos to give you an idea of what we mean here! The soft window lighting in their bride prep pictures provides just the right amount of contrast with Jackie’s wedding day glam. 

Furthermore, Jackie and Luke’s  dark and moody wedding photos prove that this classic style can be captured outside, too. We’re totally swooning over their dim outdoor portraits at Valenzano Winery. The autumn trees at dusk in the background provide the ideal setting for dark and moody shots. See how the directional lighting makes Jackie’s dress pop in such a graceful way? Likewise, color blocking in wedding photography also helps to accomplish this look. Check out how Luke’s dark navy suit enhances the elegant effect and the dark background allows Jackie and Luke to stand out as a couple. Simply stunning!

Set The Mood!

dark and moody wedding photos

Feeling the moody vibes yet? Our photographers understand each element needed to set the mood, indoor or outdoor! When adjusting the camera settings, it’s crucial to use a wide-depth of field here. One example to take a look at is Sarah and Ed’s wedding photos at Ramblewood Country Club. See that striking wide shot of the bride and groom between the farmhouse doors? The contrast between the light and shadows is just right! This, coupled with the neutral color scheme of their surroundings, sets that dark and moody tone that we want! With our skilled photographers, setting the mood will be a breeze. The sun setting into the dark landscape of the trees also creates a romantic atmosphere, providing a unique shot you can only get from dark and moody wedding photos

Overall, sunsets make for incredible dark and moody wedding photos! Take another look at Sarah and Ed’s portraits at golden hour. The mute glow yet gloominess of the sunset creates a remarkable contrast with the happy couple in the foreground. We can’t get enough of all this dark and moody magic!

Light Up the Night 

dark and moody wedding photos

Dark and Moody wedding photos also provide another unique opportunity; the use of sparklers. When you think of sparklers, what do you think of? Most people would immediately think of good times and the beauty of the light shining in the dark. We want your photos to bring that same feeling to mind. The sparks between you and your spouse shouldn’t be the only sparks flying on your wedding night. Check out Julia and Cooper’s Wedding at Bogey’s Ballroom. Their usage of sparklers not only allowed them to take spectacular dark and moody wedding photos, but allowed their wedding party to get in on the fun as well. It is the perfect way to end the night with a SPARK.

Elevate Your Venue


Dark and moody wedding photos are also a very effective way to show off an old timey, elegant venue. Check out Melanie and Mario’s wedding photos. Their wedding was held at Northampton Valley Country Club and had a spectacular old fashioned library. It made the perfect background for their portraits. Dark and moody photos emphasize the beauty of both a unique background such as this, and the beauty of the couple. It also creates a unique shot that not every wedding is capable of producing.

A dark and moody photo style can take an already beautiful venue and make it even more spectacular. It creates photos that are both interesting and beautiful to look at and puts the couple in the middle of it all.


It is also a cool way to create unique engagement photos. The dark and moody photo style creates an air of romantic mystery. This sets an exciting tone for your engagement session. It is also a fun way to bring in a unique venue. Check out these photos taken at Caitlin and Jack’s engagement session. The light of the train behind them illuminates them against the dark sky in the background, so cool! This is a unique way to bring in an important location to you and your fiancé such as; the place you met, the proposal site, or even an inside joke the two of you share. Dark and moody wedding photos take that special spot and elevates it to create a truly magical photo and captures the love shared.

A Fairy Tale Ending


If your dream is to feel like your wedding is straight out of a fairy tale then this is the photo style for you. Dark and moody wedding photos is an artistic style that exposes highlights and uses filters that create a rich atmosphere that makes an escape from reality within your photos. You have a lifetime to take average photos with your spouse, take the opportunity to take some extraordinary photos, that will have viewers wondering if the photos are from a classic royalty movie or your wedding. This style utilizes unique angles and lighting, like the photo above, that leaves you with stunning photographs of you and the love of your life.

Want To See More?

Looking for some more inspiration for all things dark and moody wedding photos? Check out our gallery and real weddings below featuring the best-of-the-best in dark and mood photography! Remember, you can always contact us to learn more about photography styles (download our FREE guide above!) and promotional offers. No need to stay in the dark! Together, let’s set the romantic wedding day mood in every picture!

Dark and Moody Wedding Photos

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