Stephanie and Dominic’s Garden Engagement Photos

Event Date: November 14, 2021

Garden Engagement Photos

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Congratulations to Stephanie and Dominic on your engagement! The soon-to-be-married couple’s wedding is on November 14, 2021, and we can’t wait to see it. We are happy to have captured such beautiful Garden Engagement photos!

First, Stephanie and Dominic started in a spectacular garden with the most vibrant flowers. The couple shared multiple kisses that made it more special to have been captured by Garden Engagement Photos. Stephanie was in a white lace dress that was perfect and Dominic was in a gray button-up with dark-washed pants.  You could tell just how much they loved each other. At their next spot, it was at a bridge that went over a pond. This spot looked like it was out of a movie! 

Stephanie and Dominic made their way to a bench where it was right next to a stunning array of yellow flowers. What an amazing shot that Garden Engagement photos got of the happy couple. This garden had everything! It even had an arch that was covered in twinkly lights. What a great spot for the couple to take photos. Some of the innovative shots consisted of using an umbrella. Come rain or shine the couple had a blast and it shows in the photos. 

Lastly, the couple walked down this greenery path. The lighting coming out of the trees onto the path was just perfect. The way the lighting was shining on the couple was very captivating. Stephanie and Dominic during the shoot were able to show their personality and it was mesmerizing to witness. They shared multiple laughs that translated into breathtaking moments.  

Congratulations again on Stephanie and Dominic’s engagement! We hope you have a wonderful feature together. We are excited to be able to feature these wonderful Garden Engagement photos on our website!

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