With crisp breezes in the air it is starting to feel more and more like autumn. Autumn is one of the most popular seasons for weddings and they are quickly approaching! Autumn themes are vibrant and bright and can make any wedding pop!


Colors such as deep purple, burnt orange, yellow, green, and maroon really make this time of the year stand out at a fall wedding.


Adding fruits can really make your fall centerpiece pop. Filling a glass vase with cranberries, dried oranges, or peaches can really bring out those fall colors. Putting your centerpiece flowers inside a pumpkin instead of a vase can bring that fall rustic feeling to any wedding.
Also, using different elements from nature can make your centerpieces. Grass, leaves, and nuts can be put in centerpieces to create an autumn theme.


Many autumn themed weddings create a rustic vintage feel. One way to create this is not having identical tables. Having tables with different centerpieces but still incorporating the same colors can make your autumn wedding unique.


Choosing the correct flowers for your autumn wedding can really make the centerpieces. Some gorgeous flowers are in season during this time of year.
Dahlias come in vibrant reds and yellows and can make any flower arrangement pop.
Gerber Daisies: these flowers are gorgeous! Then can be dyed to any color to match your wedding and can really make a centerpiece.

Mums are flowers that have always been related to the autumn season. They can bring out that rustic feeling and can be dyed to match your wedding.

Roses: Roses come in many different colors. Orange roses are extremely popular. Roses with a yellow center and orange edges are beautiful and can also be added to any arrangement.