best wedding videography packages in nj

Video Obsessed!


Currently obsessing over all the wedding videos captured on city rooftops, beaches, and more summertime scenes! With so much technology in the palms of our hands, it’s completely understandable why wedding videography continues to amaze. Above all, a video can encompass so much in such a little bit of time. Imagine having a trailer of all of the best moments from your wedding (and the little things in between!) that you can watch for years to come. That’s why having the best wedding videography packages in NJ is a special touch worth having! So, sit back and rest assured that our team at Enchanted Celebrations will tailor the video of your dreams to your budget and style.

But at What Cost?


According to WeddingWire, a popular wedding planning website, the best wedding videography packages in NJ cost $1,000 to $2,500 on average. Of course, factors such as time of year, location, staffing, and your own unique timeline can shift pricing. Furthermore, other factors can include post production, final product, extra add-ons like drones, and the equipment needed for taping. Another crucial point for couples to take note of is the status of a videographer’s insurance. WeddingWire stresses that a videographer should come with their own insurance, in case of damaged equipment or unforeseen injury. So, what’s our advice? Be sure to fully understand what exactly your videography package will entail to avoid spending too much on just a little!

Icing on Top of the Cake


Booking a videographer is a difficult choice to make, however it’s one that we think will take the cake! Wedding photos are great for filling those albums, but they cannot capture a couple’s vows or first dance as its own scene. A video will record the heartfelt ‘I Do’s’ and the funky dance moves, and even will play songs of your choice throughout. Lastly, a video is not just for the couple! Think about those guests that maybe could not attend your big day, who would adore seeing it all play back!

As you are reviewing the best wedding videography packages in NJ, think about the passion that goes behind each story being told! Our videographers are passionate professionals who will go above and beyond to capture special days just like yours. It is our goal to encompass the personality of the newlyweds within every video we produce! 

Take the Plunge!


Deciding what to spend money on when planning a wedding can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be for video! We truly believe that setting aside some cash from the budget for the best wedding videography packages in NJ is one worth taking the plunge for! The luxury of being able to look back on your fairy tale with just a click of a button is unmatched!

Need We Say More?