So you’ve got the ring, the dress, and the venue booked; now it’s time to start to look for the wedding photographer. While in NJ there are actually a ton of talented wedding photographers and professional wedding companies unfortunately, there are very few who are one in the same.

Wedding at Sea Oaks Country Club

Wedding at Sea Oaks Country Club

Wedding Photographers for the most part of are very creative people and like to work on their own creative schedule which is understandable and especially important if they are doing custom design work. However, this is also why brides always hear horror stories like, “it’s been a year after my wedding and I still don’t have my album.” Not to be blunt, but they hired a talented photographer who isn’t a businessperson. I am confident that the sample photos and albums were absolutely breathtaking but there was almost no discussion of the after the wedding photography plan.

In NJ this is very common and it is hurting the brides who book these irresponsible photographer as well as the professional studios who are taking the time and effort to get the album products out on time.

At Enchanted Celebrations, we combine the best of both worlds by having the professional business side of the company and the creative-fun side of the company.

For the wedding business side, we have (myself) Alex Karas as the Executive Director. With a Bachelor’s of Science and pursing a Master’s of Science in Management brides can rest assured that their wedding day will be well planned, their wedding album and design will be closely monitored, and on schedule. If we do have some bumps in the road, Enchanted Celebrations has the resources and speed required to take care or such issues (that are extremely rare).

Wedding Photography in Somers Point NJ

Wedding Photography in Somers Point NJ

For the creative-fun side, we have Justin Lenzo and the Director of Photography. With a Bachelor’s of Arts and a 10 year veteran of wedding photography, brides can know that their wedding album will be 100% custom and made to their exact specifications.

When you are interviewing potential wedding photographers remember to look past the pretty sample photos and album and ask about what happens after the wedding.

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