A big piece of the puzzle when brides are looking for their wedding DJ that most couples overlook is how comfortable they feel with that particular DJ company. A majority of couples are fixated on the price and if the DJ has every worked at that reception venue. Most successful DJs in NJ have a very simple approach to wedding entertainment and that is that they are very customer-centered.

If you are interviewing DJs and you get the feel they are in it for the money, you can guarantee that they will not give you the ‘bend over backwards’ customer service that you would receive at the more popular DJ companies in NJ, like Enchanted Celebrations. One tip that you can listen for during the interview with the DJ is the use of “I” statements instead of “you” statements:

DJs and other wedding vendors that use “I” statements are only looking out for themselves and not the customer. Below is an example:

Bride: “How do you get the crowd up and dancing?”
DJ (using “I” statements): “Well, what I do is play the music that I know that gets people dancing. I have been doing this for so long, I know what works and what doesn’t.”

I can almost see the horror story on the message board after the honeymoon. They go like, “I gave my DJ a list of songs and he did not play any of them!” Well, of course the DJ didn’t play the songs you requested, the DJ played the songs they he/she knows “what works”; apparently yours didn’t make the cut. As much as I hate to say this, they got exactly what the DJ said they were going to do.

At Enchanted Celebrations, when we train new DJs and have workshops for existing DJs one of the topics that always gets covered is “working from the list.” Our professional development program for DJs is partly focused on working the brides music requests into the wedding entertainment and creating an atmosphere from that list. Ours DJs personal input comes AFTER an atmosphere has been created.

If you would like to hear what a customer-centered wedding DJ has to say about getting the crowd up dancing, check out our DJ page on our website at: http://www.enchantedcelebrations.com/dj.htmor call Alex directly at: 609-618-7302. As a reminder, we always offer FREE, no obligation, in home consultations as well as an array of other wedding services and products.

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