Ever wonder the difference between raw images and top edit images? Read below for all of your picture editing needs.

Now that the vows are said and the cake is cut, it is time for some fun post-wedding activities. One of the most important activities following your big day is the post event workflow edit which occurs immediately after your wedding.  The short definition is that we take your amazing wedding pictures and edit them to perfection. To go into more detail, we edit your pictures in a variety of ways. Below is the list of ways we add some finishing touches to your gorgeous photos.


Post Event Workflow Editing Techniques

1. Delete Non-Usable Images (i.e. when flash did not fire, camera calibration shots, etc)

2. White Balance Adjustment for Temperature and Tint

3. Exposure Correction

4. Tone Control for Shadows, Highlights, and Contrast

5. Detail Correction to Sharpen (when needed) and Noise Reduction

6. Remove Camera Sensor Dust (if any)

After these edits are done, we add an extra touch of magic to the pictures if you would like a wedding album, thank you cards, photo canvas, or any other type of special print. Advanced editing is offered on any/all images that are being used for a printed product!

Raw Pictures

Raw pictures are all of your wedding pictures untouched. Since these are all of your wedding pictures, it can range anywhere from 700 to 4000 pictures typically. The amount of raw pictures you have depends on the photographer, the amount of time your photographer is there for, your shot list, and if there is a second photographer. The raw images are directly from your photographer to be edited by our in house editing team! Below is an example of an image straight from the camera.

Regular edits

As discussed in the post event workflow editing, those pictures are called regular edits. All of your images receive our basic editing such as color correction, exposure correction, and noise reduction. We take your raw images and make sure every one is edited to our standards!

Top Picks

Along with the above editing techniques, we also select around 20-100 images as “top picks” to perform advanced editing on. Top picks are the images that tell a story about your special day. It typically begins with bride and groom prep, detail shots, portraits, then the ceremony, and finishes with the reception. These are probably the images you have seen on our social media accounts and individual photographers’ portfolios. Hopefully, these top picks will help to get your creativity flowing when submitting for your printed products!

The Process

    Raw Image                      Regular Edited Image                Top Edited Image

























Final Step

After you have viewed all of your images from this edit, make sure that you save all of the image files in a save place (or two). Remember, these files are the official copy of your wedding images; so take care of them!

Once you have saved them in a safe place, it’s time to start submitting for your print products. To start that process, please review your contract and review the link below to get started:


Thank you for choosing Enchanted Celebrations!