Rustic Wedding Photos and Videos

Rustic Dreams Come True

What’s more idyllic than saying “I do” with the sprawling countryside glowing behind you at sunset? What about hosting your reception in a wooden barn under twinkling string lights? Taking portraits in a golden field near a quaint farmhouse? Say hello to rustic wedding photos! If you’re loving this style, our photographers can make your country-like, simplistic photo dreams come true. In addition, our professionals know all the venues that show off those modern vibes as well. Let’s escape to a rustic wedding photography paradise together!

The rustic style of weddings is becoming more and more popular as the years go by. Fewer people are interested in a big fancy wedding in some sort of ballroom or high-class reception area. The rustic style is back and taking over wedding venues! We love it! There is no better backdrop for photography than nature itself. The outdoors in any season of the year serves as the best wedding photos. Not to mention, the decor of a rustic wedding. We have seen some of the most creative and elegant weddings because of the decor and venue. We can’t wait to see more!

Picture-Perfect Portraits

First, take a look at Courtney and Mark’s rustic wedding photos at Renault Winery. This adorable duo had the most WINE-derful autumn wedding! Our photographers snapped their sunlit portraits in the middle of a beautiful field. Mark looked handsome in his blue suit while Courtney dressed elegantly in her stunning white dress. Above all, the natural scenery proved to be the perfect backdrop. They look like they were taken straight from a vintage film shot in the country!

Rustic Wedding Photos

Moreover, Mark took the opportunity to steal a sweet kiss as the sun lit up Courtney’s smiling face. Meanwhile, our photographers captured as many picture-perfect rustic wedding photos as they could! They couldn’t believe how idyllic the scene in front of them was. Ultimately, our photographers never wanted their portrait session to end, and we’re sure you understand why!


Barn-room Dancing

Love you to the barn and back! If you want some more picture-perfect portraits, take a look at Megan and Sean‘s rustic wedding photos at The Loft at Jack’s Barn. This venue provides an endless amount of opportunities for taking the most breathtaking rustic portraits. Check out the exquisite shot of the happy couple hugging each other with the autumn colors as their backdrop. Their glamorous outfits pop against the natural colors in the background in addition to the beautiful tree in the foreground. We can’t get enough of them!


Check out Helen and John’s rustic reception photos too! The Thousand Acres Farm was strung up enchantingly with twinkling string lights. Also, the warm lighting set the perfect atmosphere for their reception. Our photographers snapped their dreamy rustic wedding photos with ease as Helen and John shared their romantic first dance together on the dance floor. We never wanted their “barn-room” dancing to end. Ultimately, the newlyweds had the most unforgettable wedding which will live forever in their rustic wedding photos.




A Country Farm Wedding

There is something unique and daring about having your wedding on a farm. To go the route that one usually wouldn’t, making your wedding more casual in a distinct way, and setting norms for future wedding styles serve as a fantastic way to stand out.  Julia and Joseph’s Wedding at  Tilly Foster Farm is the perfect example of what I’m talking about! The charm of the wedding set the tone for the whole event. They even said their “I do’s” in front of a giant barn! How much more rustic can that get? The reception was every bride’s dream. A big old barn decked out inside with all the right decorations. They killed it! Did I mention how beautifully the color theme complimented the bride and the wedding altogether? It was such a gorgeous rustic wedding!

Rustic Wedding Photos

Rachel and Joshua’s Wedding Videography is also great proof of a successful rustic wedding. This couple did everything right. It was simplistic, yet so extravagant at the same time! More importantly, it was exactly what they wanted. We are so happy we were able to provide videography and photography services for such an unforgettable rustic wedding. Not to mention, the reception venue had twinkly lights on the beams of the barn! Are you seeing a pattern yet? Rustic weddings are all about the twinkly lights! It sets the mood and tone for the vibe of the wedding, and we love it! 

Did I mention how rustic weddings can be perfect in any season of the year? Caitlin and Ryan’s Wedding Videography at Southern Belle Barn is the best example! This couple had their rustic wedding fairytale in the winter, December to be exact! It was an incredible wedding that included everything rustic style. A beautiful barn with a stunning bride and groom makes for the best match. Our favorite part of the night was Caitlin and Ryan exiting the ceremony with family and friends lined up down the aisle making a tunnel for them! But wait, that’s not the best part. Family and friends making the tunnel had sparklers in their hands twirling them around. This was awesome and made for the best photos! Sparklers at night can’t be beaten by anything else.

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Rustic Wedding Photos

Be sure to check out the rest of our favorite rustic wedding photos in the awe-inspiring gallery and more stories below! Also, get some inspo for how you want your rustic wedding photos to look with our guides on Light and Airy, Dark and Moody, and Completely Candid and Carefree wedding photo styles (download our FREE style guide above!). In the end, our photographers are ready to make all of your rustic wedding dreams come true. Contact us for all things photography and weddings today! We will be happy to assist you with any of your wedding needs.

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Rustic Wedding Photos and Videos

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