Want to spice up your wedding reception? We, at Enchanted Celebrations, are the industry experts in “spicing” up the entertainment at your reception. We can assure you that your PA wedding reception will be nothing of the ordinary and individually unique from anything you have ever been to before.

One way to give your party that extra “spice” is by adding a party extra. Enchanted Celebrations offers photomontages, ZAP photography, personalized monograms, ambient lighting and more. All of these extras will not only make you, but your guests never want the night to end!

So what are these add-ons?

A photomontage is a slideshow that is put together with 40 pictures of various stages of your life playing along to your favorite music. What makes this add on so impressive is that we coordinate all of the pictures to the beat of the music. If you choose to do a photomontage we will burn you a DVD to keep so you can watch it over and over again!

Zap photography is one of Enchanted Celebration’s favorites! We bring in a huge projector screen and a candid photographer; through the course of the night the photographer takes random pictures of you and your guests. What makes this so different from anything else is that as soon as the picture is taken they “ZAP” up to a huge projector so all the guests can see. At the end of the night we burn you a photo CD so you can see all the pictures taken on your special night!

A personalized monogram is used to make the atmosphere of your wedding reception even more personal than normally expected. Your monogram will be projected anywhere in the reception that you choose and lit up all night long! It is fully customizable to size, font, color, graphics and text.

Want to take enhancing the atmosphere of your reception to the next level? You need our uplighting system. We have you pick two primary theme colors, turn off the house lights and transform your banquet hall into a sea of colors! These lights can be timed with the beat of the music so you and your guests can step inside your own lightshow.

Not only do we offer these add-ons, but we also offer: personalize CD favors, balloon drops, party giveaways, light shows, fog machines and glow necklaces. If you would like to learn more about these incredible add-ons please visit: https://www.enchantedcelebrations.com/fun-stuff/

So what are you waiting for? Lets spice up your wedding!